Doc Holliday’s closes

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Without warning, Doc Hollidays (which replaced Rita’s) has closed. Okay, almost.

The karaoke/bar/restaurant/club will host a Farewell Party on Oct. 6, 2012 with free appetizers and half-off booze (while supplies last) starting at 7p.m. The band Cruella, an all-female Motley Crue tribute band, will play at 9 p.m.

Tickets are $5 general admission, $10 reserved seating.

Doc Holidays, 138  Calistoga Road, Santa Rosa.

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  1. the place just has to have a professional running it and a good plan.

  2. What the heck is wrong with rice and beans? Yeah, I know SoCo has a few racist losers who blame our Hispanic brethren for all their troubles, but the rest of us love a good plate of rice and beans.

  3. I used to go there with a buddy back when it was Rita’s. We both commented on how much of a dive it was. When it became Doc’s, the transformation was amazing. The place was clean, it smelled decent, the food was better and it seemed like they actually had a chance at success.

    While putting a sports bar in a strip mall was a dicey proposition, the concept of Doc’s was solid. The food was decent, albeit a bit pricey.

    I wonder what the next incarnation will be.

  4. Have no fear, it’ll be a Mexican restaurant serving up Sonoma County specialties of beans and rice in no time.

  5. ….yeah, it was a nice place to take my kids for drinks after school, I know they sure enjoyed it.

  6. That would certainly be my #1 choice for taking the family on a Friday night. The neighborhood bar. Yes indeed.

  7. They collapsed after Sonoma County Blues Society, left and moved to app. fifth street, BrickYard Plaza upon Wed nite. None better! ….b

  8. like it was when it was the blacke forrest inn.

  9. Wasn’t a waitress there voted “Best of Sonoma County” and win an award?

  10. Agreed. I took my family into the bar for a quick bite on a Friday night a few months back and my 18 year old daughter was swarmed by a drunk fool. I hustled my family out and vowed to never return again. That property/location would be great for a moderately priced family restaurant.

  11. They ran out of $$

  12. Sorry to hear that — hate to hear about anybody losing their job.

    But I will say that the place didn’t exactly figure out what Rincon Valley was looking for. It’s got lots of people with small kids, and lots of older people very close by. Yet they didn’t seem very interested in either demographic.

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