Hooters opens

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Hooters Rohnert Park

Hooters Rohnert Park

Hooters is an anachronism, wrapped in soft core exploitation, enrobed in cliches and regional stereotypes, topped with a cherry of banality. Which is exactly why so many people love it from coast to coast.

The national restaurant chain that self-deprecatingly describes itself as  “Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined,”opened its Rohnert Park outpost on Jan. 30, 2012 just weeks after the San Francisco franchise shuttered. The main selling point: Busty young women in booty shorts and tight tank tops.

I mean chicken wings.

Just kidding. It’s the ladies.

Filled to capacity with good old boys in pickups, minivan grannies, gawkers, looyloos and other assorted locals, the queue started early and lasted throughout opening day. Why? Apparently resistance to clinging orange polyester is futile to large portions of the population.

So here’s your guide to the Hoot-tastic Hootiness that is Hooters Rohnert Park. Whether you go is entirely up to you.

The Ladies
Yes, the Hooters Girls are very attractive. Very. Attractive. Yes, you can take a picture with them. Yes, they have uniform inspections each day (so nothing is hanging out too far) and yes, they have to wear those tan support hose and scrunchie socks. No, there is nothing X-rated here and you’ll see far more jiggling flesh at any local nightclub or public pool. Hooters hired 85 women for the RP store (a number of which go to SSU), but there is currently at least one national calendar girl on the floor. I’d venture to guess that most of them have higher IQ’s than their customers (because a lot of people asked me that) and make more money, too. Yes, they’re flirting with you, because that’s part of the gig, not because you’re so darned irresistible. And yes, they will call a manager on you if you get too fresh, Mr. Grabhands. Want the inside story?

The Food & Drinks
The food isn’t really the main attraction, unless of course it’s the wings. They’re really good, and I have at least one other chef to back me up on that. “Hot” isn’t that hot and fried is the way to go. DO NOT LOOK AT THIS nutritional information. Really. Don’t. The tater tots covered in cheese, sour cream and bacon aren’t bad either if you can stomach eating them while looking at the pert and perfect body of the girl serving them to you. Get a side of  hot sauce to dip ’em in. Don’t believe it when your Hooters Girl says, “Oh! I eat those ALL the time!” She doesn’t. They also have salads if that’s what you’re into. There are 32 beers on tap and a full cocktail menu with no prices. Flat screen TV’s are strategically located throughout the restaurant and the bar takes up a good one-third of the space. It would be a very lively place to, say, watch a major sporting event coming up.

The Significant Other
Make sure you’ve worked out rules in advance if you’re going in as a couple. Personally, I say visual hall pass. Just don’t come crying to me when you strain your neck, Sir Gawksalot. Just means you can’t see me eating all your tater tots and I have something to make you feel guilty about later. Of course, your tolerance may vary.

The Entertainment
Hula hoops come out from time to time — we hear mostly for birthdays. It’s rumored that part of the hiring process involves being able to pour a beer while hula-hooping. We also hear that the interview process to become a Hooter’s Girl is pretty short. Training takes much longer. Because it takes some finesse to deal with that leering 45-year-old contractor with hot sauce on his face and a beer belly who just pinched your buns.

The Moral Lesson
Families are welcome. The atmosphere is more wholesome than you might imagine and offers many opportunities for teachable moments.

The Bottom Line:  Go or don’t. The scene is somewhere between lowbrow train wreck and titillating entertainment, depending on how often you actually get out. The wings are pretty tasty, the beer cold and the service extremely cordial. Most folks will likely find it a one and done kind of experience, but again, your tolerance may vary.

Hooters, 6099 Redwood Dr., Rohnert Park.

(more photos here)

*Feminist credentials available upon request.

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  1. Regardless of how people feel about Hooters, the fact remains that Hooters is being sued this week by someone claiming to have been served alcohol at age 20. This is a frivolous lawsuit that was premeditated for monetary gain exclusively at the expense of hurting the franchise business partners. The parents of this person and this person have gone to great lengths to misconstrue, lie, cover up JUST to steel money from Hooters insurance carrier in the form of a frivolous lawsuit. There are many inconsistencies and lies regarding this lawsuit. I am surprised that Hooters insurance carrier’s investigator has FAiLED to perform an adequate, in depth and thorough investigation of the person and parents conjuring up this phony Lawsuit. This person, now 23 years old premeditatively conjured up this law suit solo for monetary gain! Investigators need to investigate and research every aspect of this person including character witnesses who can testify against this person regarding this person’s true modus operendi!

  2. Wendy, You sound jealous.Could not make the cut? Maybe your girls will when they get older.

  3. I think its sad that a place like Hooters exists. I will never walk through those doors and promote or support a place that uses women’s breast as a come on. Our young girls have enough problems with all the garbage that’s out there that they see everyday. Their toys. The clothing that’s being sold. Hoochie Barbie dolls. Now our restaurants hire on breast size. I’m offended having that trashy disgusting place here in our town. Trying to validate that it’s a bar/restaurant that serves food and beer is ridiculous. It’s nothing more than a soft porn pit. You state that women of a certain age are hired. Yet you don’t address the breast size issue at all. You seem more concerned with the terminology than the true issue of hiring on breast size only. Why not skip the shirts and just use pasties?

  4. Rhonert Park takes yet another slide to becoming more like Florida. The stupid costumes aside – seriously where is our pride here in Sonoma for food & culture? The wings are not good, and the place excudes blue collar east coast cheesy. The temporary blip of jobs aside, this isn’t a win in any way.

  5. You have clearly not been to the Hooters located in Rohnert Park. There are no “naked tits” and Hooters does hire women “over a certain age”. It isn’t a strip club – it is a sports bar/restaurant that serves so so food and good cold beer.

    And you have some issues – you say it is a bad thing for women yet you have referred to breasts as “tits”, “boobs”, “rack”, “well endowed”, and “fakes”. Those are all derogatory or slang.

    What is hypocritical is for someone like yourself to write a post on this thread.

  6. Half naked Breast…really, can you see half of their breast? They have clevage yeah, but half naked…some people.

    The food was ok. I think they need to hire better cooks. I’ve been the ones in Southern California and the food there was bomb. Up here though…ehh…all good though.

    For the uptight people, get a life, really.

  7. give me a break…when I go out to eat I don’t want to have have naked tits my face. Why is it ok in Sonoma County to have a family restaurant with very young womens boobs hanging out & we’re tipping them for it but not ok to have a topless bar, strip joint or full blown adult sex shop? Get a clue Sonoma County. Its hypocritcal for one thing & for another is this what we want to say to our young girls that if you happen to have a rack you can get a legal job that gets you tips. And what about the girls who aren’t well endowed they’ll feel like they need to get fakes which is outta’ hand too. And bet Hooters doesn’t hire any woman over a certain age either. No matter how you look at it its discriminatory & hypocritical

  8. Yo! Dickie, My thoughts exactly!

  9. I’d apply for a job. Imagine the ladies you’d meet?

  10. LOL…I’m surprised she didn’t spell women “womyn” LOL

  11. The liked the wings and the tots were okay. everything else was pretty gross.

  12. Oh forgot to add – it has 50 waitresses? That’s great, our economy in this county has been pretty bad so I love that it hired a lot of people. Reading the link you provided the girls better be aware that they hire and fire all the time, here today and gone tomorrow kind of job.

  13. Thx for the review Heather. Did I miss whether you liked the food or not? The outfits – the shorts are really kind of awful, they need to be updated. That kind of orange is awfulllllll. Ok, wait, I scrolled back, you liked the food, interesting, of course the fat content is super high in it, but that’s like most any restaurant. It’s cheesy, sounds like fun actually. I think I might take my gay friend there with me to eat one day & I’ll report back. Personally I think black shorts would be better or pink ones but that’s just me.

  14. You have a choice to go to Hooters or not. The women who work there had a choice in applying. It is what it is!
    It really is hilarious to see how upset people get over this.

  15. John, why all the hatin’ on Sebtown? Just remember there has to be SOMEONE who opposes everything. Just sit back and let them do the work!

  16. Osgood. Stop already with your hater talk. We get it. You think Hooters is for “sleezy old men” and you think your are not a “sleezy old man”. You have some fantasy about the girls that work at Hooters that involves sex, visualization, and far too much time on your hands. My daughter works there as well and, in my opinion, it is people like you she has to worry about – whatever you may think.

    Me thinks thou fantasizes a wee too much.

  17. You know David, I bet you really do read Playboy for the articles.

  18. Paula Deen would adore this place, and perhaps it’s enjoying a high patronage because it’s new? Too bad they couldn’t put it next to Chucky Cheese’s. While Daddy plays at Hooters, the kids could play at Chucky Cheese’s. Rohnert Park is such a family oriented town which recognizes the fact that it takes a village indeed.

  19. Oh calm down Mama Joad. You are way too defensive which speaks volumes about how you really feel about your daughter working at this sleazy establishment. where she provides visual erotic fodder for dirty old men.
    Me thinks thou protests just a bit too much.

  20. I heard the cheeseburgers are a bit top heavy and the buns lack support.

  21. I think we ought to start an Occupy John Angus’s house movement.

  22. How about a restaurant named HOWLERS where the all male waiters wear tiny Speedos?

  23. I actually don’t think Angus was referring to you. I think he was referring to the more vocal opponents to Hooters. But the image of “orange and white hemp made shorts” and “Tofu wings” is really hilarious.

  24. They hired 17 yr old also I know a crazy Mom who let her daughter work there….famliy reataurant NOT1!!!

  25. Wow. Now we’ve officially offended everyone.

    How about a cooling off period until everyone can play nice.

    And by the way, I rarely shave my legs. So there. Deal.

  26. Hey Earthwomen,
    Why don’t you start an OCCUPY HOOTERS MOVEMENT? You and your other Sebastopol /Freestone angry feminists can show your rage by cutting your underarms, shave your legs as a protest in front of RP Hooters? I hear there is going to be a Hooters in Sebastopol and Sonoma. Oh wait, your tows don’t want a “chain” to spoil your leftist towns. Even Williams Sonoma could not get a towhold with all they did for Sonoma.. Hey! Lets turn Pellinis into a Hooters?But to comform to your regular standers, there would be no sports bar, just a pot dispencry, wait staff with orange and white hemp made shorts and tops. and granny glasses so you can stare at your navel until your tofu wings come out.
    Anyway, get my point.

    Peace Out Earth wimmin

  27. Not the most. I think the whole downtown food truck fiasco got more.

  28. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Heather. You Go Girl!

  29. BTW, did they ahve Buffalo shrimp on the menu. Had that back East (with my dad) Yummy!

  30. OMG, Heather! is this the most responses you,ve ever gotten? Good thing you didn’t mention Fieri! Passionate eaters in this county…..

  31. By the way….do you know that in most strip clubs they serve wings? Off topic but I thought I should share that!!

  32. Man. You redheads are so excitable.

  33. they’ll go away soon. Thanks for weighing in. I wondered when you might chime in. I saw your FB post. :)

  34. You want to talk about exploitation! Look at the work force in China working 16 hours a day 6 days a week making your Iphones and electronic devices. Do something about that & Niki etc… Go have some wings and a beer! Chill out! Opinions ane like (_0_)’s everybody has one! Chill out people! Go to Sebastopol or Mc’D’s eat bleached out chicken,then liquified and recolored nuggets!
    Chill Out!!!

  35. JEN Really? My husband knows his daughter works there and we are both very proud of her! You are SO uninformed it is rediculous! And yes we are an educated upper middle class family with morals and standards! My daughter is beautiful and by the way does NOT have large breasts so of course it is her face they are looking at! HAHA! She is nothing more or less than a MODEL serving food and drinks to people that like to be served by beautiful young happy smiling girls in more clothes than most girls were out and about on a summer day! The only difference is my daughter CAN pull it off! Guess some people would rather be served by somone in a dirty Tee shirt and skin tight jeans with their muffin top hanging out.They act like you are a bother to their social hour and then ignore you while you eat crappy overpriced food! To each their own!!

  36. Heather–excellent write up. As a Hooters Alumni, I’m used to this discussion. All sides of it. I won’t say a lot since it’s getting all mean and nasty and oh soooo serious here in my beloved Bite Club town, but I will say that a single Sunday shift during a football game at Hooters has paid my car payment + PG&E bill more than once, most of my co-workers were putting working their asses off hauling wings and putting themselves through college, I didn’t grow up to be a stripper, and I sooo do not lack self respect. I’m a wife, a mom, have a career, and with a little help from the elliptical I could probably rock those size small orange shorts again and look good doing it. If you don’t agree, don’t go. I don’t like McDonald’s, so I don’t go. See? Easy!

    Hooters, Colorado Springs
    1992 – 1994

  37. Haha! good one. Being scorned sounds like a bad thing, but it’s made me laugh and given me light kind of feeling…live and learn…thanks:-)

  38. I want a bumper sticker that says PROUD PARENT OF A HOOTERS GIRL!
    I was truly amazed (in a good way) at what these girls have to go through to be a Hooters Girl! They are no different than any other model or actress! One of the things they stress is YOU MUST ALWAYS BE READY TO HAVE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN! As in full hair and makeup while serving a packed restaurant! I’m glad my daughter was picked out of 1100 girls to represent such a well known chain!

  39. The SF store closed because of a huge rent hike at the location not because of a lack of business.

  40. Because there seem to be a lot of non-regulars weighing in (which is great), let me remind you that taking life too seriously gives you gas. And makes you ugly.

    This blog is only mostly about food. It’s also about life, love, indulgence and making fun of people who take themselves too seriously. So you’ve been warned.

  41. We actually have one. Apparently they had to move locations, though. It was a stony point and like Occidental i think?

  42. Mmmmm ….
    I am ALL over this … in moderation of course!
    To those that are offended?
    Easy solution: DON’T GO

  43. to TheMostAmazingThing. FABULOUS! Love what you have to say. Congratulations to your daughter, may she ride the highway to success. I’ve been in the industry 20+ years and my daughter is also graduating debt free thanks to waitressing. Hooters is no different than most other restaurants; the good thing is that they are up front about it!

  44. My guess is that you have to be at least 18 to work there. Definitely to serve alcohol. If they are 18, it doesn’t matter if they are your kid or not. They are an adult. Sorry, to burst your bubble, but people get to choose for themselves when they reach 18 in this country.

  45. When I worked in the trades (construction, auto body shop, etc.) I was basically selling my body, or actually health, just like all the ditch-diggers, iron workers etc. in this world. Few fatalities occur at Hooters, where the women are being paid for their good looks.
    Where is all the Earth Mother love for Crab Fishermen, Iron Workers, and other Blue Collar workers who often sell their bodies and lives for a paycheck?
    I’ve seen how straight women react to male strippers, and I guess I could put them down for being lecherous if I felt insecure and hateful. But maybe we are all just human.
    I think a lot of what we are hearing are the rants of insecure women who have bought into the insecurity that Madison Avenue sells to them so that they spend billions on makeup and fashion, and are intimidated by attractive women.
    Just a thought.

  46. Now that is sum funny chit!!!

  47. Have you heard about those espresso stands —and bikini baristas in Washington State? http://www.bikini-baristas.com
    We need that one in Sonoma County and would love to read those endless comments.
    You guys, your comments are so entertaining.

  48. Ah the Internet, where honest(?) opinions are expressed, especially by those who are gutless cowards to do so in person. Butt back to the top-ic at hand. Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s there was a place called Everybody’s Talking on SR Ave. And yes, it was a Topless bar mostly staffed by, yes that’s right, Sonoma State University coeds working their way through school. Butt then we didn’t have the Internet where many of you nay sayers, better yet WHINERS, would be so judge-“mental,” especially the so called females on this topic.

    Hooter’s has created jobs, and a ‘different’ and new place to dine at. If you don’t like Hooter’s concept, then by all means stay away, or stand outside and protest, yeah, like you would do that for those who discredit it. But seriously, will someone please explain to me ‘why’ Hooter’s is such a bad and demeaning job for Women? Butt before you answer, yes I would encourage my Daughter to work their given the chance, and yes, I will go there to see what it’s like having never been to one, and yes, I’m a Male and love the site of the Female figure clad in tight attire. Butt no, I’m not a pervert, and do not, have not, and never will exploit Women in any manner, especially having had a female Family member raped in the past, and the perp go free to rape again, before the time that Hooter’s was ever thought of decades ago.

    In conclusion, support the business because they bring in much needed jobs, and tax revenues. And remember if you go there, tips spelt backwards is SPIT.

  49. You “peeked” at the calories.

    Just sayin’

  50. I’m thinking that you forgot to take your meds. What other explanation could there possibly be.

    Oh.. and the quesadillas with grilled chicken were actually good. The salsa was fresh and pretty tasty.

    I should have told the family of 8 at the table next to me that it was shameful for them to patronize such an establishment and that they were absolutely NOT to enjoy themselves. Not even a little. My daughter waited on them and, since she is a family oriented kind of girl, they gave her a nice tip and seemed to enjoy themselves. The waitresses even sang happy birthday to the 14 year old daughter. OMG.

  51. DAMN IT! :(

    The add-on by the ED was after I posted. :(

    *shakes tiny fist*

    DAMN IT!

  52. R. Trout,

    I’m thinking that you are a dead fish.

    And a big bummer at parties.

    And you can’t wear a t-shirt and jeans if you work at Chili’s or Olive Garden so I guess they are selling their bodies too. You know that is a stupid analogy, don’t you?

  53. Today was the first time I’ve ever been to a Hooters and they don’t have “orange” wings. C’mon, their wings are the opposite; they are crisp and fresh and delicious. I hate those weird orange wings, my husband knows this because I’m constantly on the lookout for good wings.

    Your review sounds like you have never gone to a Hooters before.

    As for Lindy West of the Stranger (and I <3 Dan Savage from The Stranger!!), she sounds like she has a few issues going on besides Hooters.

  54. What is a “wimin”?

    Before you continue your rant I would suggest a summer course in English Grammar. When you have that down, and can actually write an argument worth reading, then you can come back and perhaps I’ll listen.

  55. Maybe you guys can open an “earthy, vegan” restaurant in Sebastopol with “wimin” (wtf?) who have hairy legs and hate men serving the food. Oh wait, there’s already quite a few of those lol

  56. Wow, what a bunch of overly-PC, whining bitch babies…And sorry champ, there is NO comparison to a Hooters that equals that filthy term you used for black people. I don’t care if it was from an editorial piece or not. Human sexuality is FAR different than utter racism. No one is twisting the arms of the girls who work there OR the people who patronize the establishment. I bet a good amount of the people bitching about the place have some weird fetishes themselves, they’re just ashamed and so they feel the need to cast stones.

  57. Yeah. We all get it Trout. You’re angry. We’re not.

  58. Thanks for the feedback. It takes some guts to put that opinion out there in this forum and support your daughter. I wish people weren’t quite so judgmental about her choice.

    I hope she does become a dentist. She’ll have quite the resume! :)

  59. The burger looked pretty grim yesterday. Sir Gawksalot went back today with some co-workers and said the mini burgers were meh.

  60. To be honest, they were the best chicken wings I’ve had locally. Now, I haven’t tried them all, but so far, they’re tops

  61. What’s left? We have covered human and animal exploitation, it seems. How about Robot Porn?

  62. Apparently so.

  63. Take your negativity elsewhere you prude.

  64. Any time I been to a Hooters the food has been beyond atrocious.. including the wings.. those orange things that are truly revolting.. Lindy West of the Stranger in Seattle nailed the Hooter experience in hilarious way.. says why don’t we call a restaurant Niggers and have the waitresses eating watermelon and singing happy slave songs and if you find it offensive, they say, ph c’mon it’s all in good fun…

    ED: It’s a really clever piece, actually. Read it here…

  65. This is a disgusting representation of using wimin for sale. This is 2012, nothing has changed. Wimin are still being sold for meat products as shown by such a restaurant as Hooters. The “father” of the 17 year old would never let his daughter work there, but by gosh, he’s partaking in the drool over the breast and buttocks of the wimin servers at Hooters. This is how wimin seem to make decent money, selling their bodies to penis brains, but not by working in a non-sexual environment. The proud mom of her daughter who works there, yes, your daughter is brilliant, and isn’t it a shame, that the only way she can make a decent buck, is to strip down to shorts and tank top to expose her body, so that she can make decent tips, not with her brains! One states that better to work at Hooters, than get welfare. Again, my point, of that , is wimin can not rise to the top of the food chain ladder of wealth, cause there are just boobs and bottoms, and nothing more. It just proves that men clearly have not evolved at all and do not and have never respected wimin, ever. The men are just go gaga over this restaurant, cause they can get away with their porn fantasies. Clad a man is tight jock strap, have him strut his junk, and have wimin treat him as a piece of sex meat, let’s turn the tables. Better yet, have the politicians parade around like that, see who you would vote for. This sort of degrading work, will always continue, cause men, will pay for it cause that’s all they see wimin as, a piece of meat, not something that has a brilliant mind and pay her for her mind! No, it’s all about body parts lower than the neck!

  66. See, already the pervs have spoken.

  67. Well said!

    I wonder how many SSU students have told their daddy’s down in LA or San Diego this is where they work. I’m sure they wouldn’t be to happy.

  68. No, are you a Pimp?

  69. If She is a waitress and wearing the skimpy Hooters tank and shorty shorts She IS selling her body to sleazy voyeurs who would frequent such an establishment. You can say She ISN’T selling her body if she is allowed to do the same job in a regular T shirt and jeans which is NOT a choice for Hooter waitresses. And B.T.W. we’re not necessarily criticizing the young women who are forced to take such a demeaning job to survive. It’s the sleazebag owners, Mgmt. and loutish customers who deserve our scorn.

  70. Want to go with me tonight for a martini? I’m thinking you need one.. really really badly!

  71. @ Carrie…..Don’t hate! You are taking this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to serious!! It’s not a big deal for real!! Really you think this is “exploitation”!? COME ON MAN!!
    exploitatition is having 9 year old kids in malasia making Nike Apparel for 12 cents a day so that Timmy could look good at an affordable price. exploitatiion is smuggling underage girls into this country and making them work off the cost by selling their bodies to middle aged men for 20 bucks a pop….that my dear is exploitation!! This is simply “Wings”!! And maybe some cleavage!!

  72. Reggie? Hooters? What’s next on the BiteClub Hour?

  73. The was a line out the door today at lunch. Meet you there for lunch this week?

  74. I, for one, hope it closes due to lack of interest as soon as possible. Like the Playboy Club bars, just because a beautiful young woman can earn a good living working there, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. It’s exploitative, plain and simple, and to view it as anything but that is ridiculous. I will not be going. I don’t think those girls have any idea how they’re REALLY being thought of by most of the male clientelle. Unless they continue on in the sex industry, I doubt that Hooters will be listed predominantly on their resumes. Sad. And I’ll bet there are pleny of other places to get good chicken wings, Heather. Glad to hear the SF location closed. Expolitation should not be encouraged.

  75. By that I mean Costco is just across the parking lot of Costco in RP.

  76. Then start one. If it doesn’t sell then people have made their choice.

  77. Damn !!! I thought this was a food blog, not a diatribe on peoples morals or lack thereof !!! My only question is HOW ARE THE CHEESEBURGERS !!!

  78. But, honestly Rene, we don’t have “choices” – because there aren’t similar restaurants that feature the sorts of male attributes that women would find appealing. It’s pretty much one-way objectification. Equality, but not necessarily progress, would be if there were those sorts of options for women as well as men.

  79. I enjoyed reading the article. I thought the humor was grand and enjoyable to read – had to laugh at many of the oh so true observations. It is nice not to have to take something so serious and have fun writing about a current attraction!

  80. Relax people…..It’s food…a little cleavage….some legs….and some beer!! Last time I checked this was America and we have rights and choices…..if you don’t like the place..DON’T GO!!!

    Would I like my daughter to work there? NO….and why not?? Because of some of the comments left on this page…..people are mean!!

  81. Are you a vegan, by chance?

  82. I’m not sharing my wings with you next time. Really. You’re mean. And i don’t ramble. I mean much…

  83. I see women at the gym with less clothing on. For that matter every hot yoga class is full of scantily clad women. And.. My daughter is working there!! She is a college student who was top ten in her graduating class and has a 3.8 gpa in college. Would I have chosen it as her first choice of place to work – probably not but it was her choice, she isn’t a dummy, and I am proud to call her my daughter. She is getting paid well, they have hours that enable her to work and attend school, and she says it is fun – oh and she isn’t stripping, she is waiting tables and singing on occasion. It is a HUGE leap to compare this with prostitution – newsflash, my daughter isn’t selling her body, not to you or anyone else for that matter. And Kate, she works in a tank top that looks eerily similar to the one in your avatar, better check that.

    I’m going there to eat tonight and have a lemon drop martini – I’ll think of you when I toast. My daughter will graduate without a loan for tuition, go on to dental school, and someday she may be your dentist. Then she will have the last word. 😉

  84. Right on Sistah!

  85. Just remember to take the little lady to her favorite franchise for chicks, it’s called “Balls”. Where fabulously physiqued young nubile Men cavort around in skimpy jockstraps so the ladies can ogle their packages while being served foot long hot dogs with special “sauce”. You men too can join in on the fun why not take a page out of Biteclubs book “channel Dr. Ruth” and go together! Explore! Enjoy!

  86. I wouldn’t mind having a Hooters if next door can we have a restaurant with hunky half-naked waiters. It could be called “Tools”, and would be a family style restaurant – really, dads wouln’t mind taking their sons there at all.

  87. Apparently spelling is beyond the grasp of a Hooters man!

  88. Of course there is! You don’t stand a chance in this den of Misogyny. P.S. which I think is reprehensible!

  89. What utter nonsense, You state “Should women degrade themselves by working at Hooters?” Most progressive and thoughtful people would say no. Yet you ramble on for several paragraphs justifying your desire to “appreciate looking at boobies and bottoms of pretty women.” This is simply stated an example of Stockholm syndrome, your inability to parse what is “empowering” and what is sexist.and “degrading”. Would you encourage your 17 Y.O daughter to work there displaying her cleavage for tips? You say “Comparing a Hooter’s girl with someone working the sex trade seems like a bit of a leap, though I understand the comparison”. I agree except for the part about it being a “bit of a leap”. it’s no leap at all these Women are selling their bodies plain and simple!

  90. Have it your way. It doesn’t sound like you’re much fun, anyway.

  91. I went to Hooters for the first time when I was in Texas and fell in love with the fried pickels, these women work very hard, just as hard as they do at Applebees or Redlobster, they are just able to get better tips. Its so sad that adults can not make a choice in what they do for a living with out having to explain themselves or justify it. The last time I checked gas, rent and tuition are not free, many of us do not get free rides in this world and we have to work at the best we can get, if that is serving cold beer and hot wings so be it would all of you up tight boobs rather these girls go on welfare and stay at home

  92. They are fully clothed none of them are naked, you never whear shorts or a tank top, but then maby you cant fit into one, sorry to point that out to you

  93. I second that!

  94. Best restaurant review…. ever. Belly laughs. Also am enjoying the comment discussions. Thanks!

  95. Channeling Dr. Ruth: Go together. Explore together. Enjoy together.

  96. Is that even a question? Duh.

  97. Go for it, sista.

  98. Here’s my take. Good looking people — whatever we are wired to consider “attractive” are fun to look at. I found myself almost unable to tear my eyes off the women working there. It was kind of fascinating to see all the different shapes and sizes, how they’d done their hair, their makeup, the different ethnicities, etc. I just found it compelling that I could stare at these lovely women openly.

    I also realize that men are men and I have never met a straight man who didn’t appreciate looking at boobies and bottoms of pretty women. No matter how progressive and civilized you think they are. I get that. I am secure enough with myself and my relationship that I have no problem with my guy enjoying the scenery at Hooters. If you’re really worried about your guy running off with one of these girls, you have bigger problems. if you’re worried about him fantasizing about these girls, you need a hobby and some self-confidence. Go together! Have fun!

    Should women degrade themselves by working at Hooters? I don’t have a good answer. We all have certain talents and assets that we make use of. Should beautiful women not utilize their looks to their advantage? Do they not do so in other jobs? Is it somehow better or worse if they’re up front about it, rather than doing it in a more obscure way? Can any woman truly say she hasn’t used her charms to get what she wanted at least a few times in her life?

    I personally think women should do what makes them feel empowered and successful. I had to work on things like intelligence and self-deprecating humor because I didn’t have those kinds of assets. Would I have been a Hooter’s girl if i was that hot? Abso-freaking-lutely. Just for the sheer fun of it. For like a day.

    Comparing a Hooter’s girl with someone working the sex trade seems like a bit of a leap, though I understand the comparison.

    Personally, I hope these gals make a buttload of money and use it to educate themselves and empower another generation of women to make the choices they want to.

  99. REALLY – Are they flirting with the just the men or the women, too? Sort of reminds me of those heart of gold hooker stories, where intelligent college coeds discover they can make more money as high end hookers. REALLY? do we need to support this? And yes, I peaked at the calories – another reason not to go. I hate businesses that exploit women and even worse that women participate in them. Hubby even agrees.

  100. I’m 60 years old can I apply? I very well endowed DDD. Is there an age limit?

  101. So if they were fully clothed would it still be a popular restuarant? Nope!

  102. Honey you go shopping at Costco. I’ll get some wings and beer at Hooters.

  103. Freaking hilarious write-up! Nicely done.

  104. Interesting, Captain. Earth women….

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