Hooters to RP in January 2012

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Hooters Rohnert Park is slated to open in January 2012 and is currently accepting applications, ladies. (6099 Redwood Drive, Rohnert Park is the location.)

Which is weird, because it seems like elsewhere Hooters are becoming scare. Including one at Fisherman’s Wharf in SF, slated for a Dec. 21 closure.

One has to wonder. If a restaurant with barely-clad, busty women can’t make it in the swirling hot tub of culture that is Fisherman’s Wharf, does Rohnert Park stand a chance?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Gratuitous photo follows:


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  1. No, it’s the cartoons, silly.

  2. There’s enough nude women exposure. Not fare. We need a Hooters with male waiters. May call it pecks! Love you patty and all that opposes Hooters!

  3. I agree Hooters is non different than hookers. Close them down.

  4. “Hooters is a place of big breasted women, men drinking to execess, and alot of f***king.”

    Wow… that’s not what I’ve heard about the place, but you’re saying I stand a good chance of getting my lance waxed if I go there? In that case, I’ll be there opening night. Woohoo!

  5. “Hooters is a place of big breasted women, men drinking to execess, and alot of f***king. Do you want your husband to drop by a place like this after a hard day at work?” Patty, a. what’s the matter with breasted women? The men working there are breasted, too. And you’re wrong about the menu—-there is NOT a lot
    of FoodKing there. Or Food Queen. Are you mixed up with Dairy Princess? Why wouldn’t you want your
    husband to drop by a place like this after a hard day at work? Then he’ll come home, roll over and go to sleep so you can get some sleep too. (He quit smoking ten years ago.)

  6. The problem with you is that you censor people who have bad or gossipy things to say about your favorite high end restaurants, you are just too darn fat to look good in anything skimpy, you’re old and you’re way too leftwing for this paper and the people that write into it aka the commenters. You’re also oversensitive about comments. Yes I realize it’s “your blog”, but this “blog” also belongs to the newspaper, it’s a public/community forum, and the newspaper’s political overlords just changed. Change or be gone dear, you know it’s true. Time to put down your leftwing/socialist/fascistic tendencies to overmoderate and you should just let the chips fall where they may.

    On most other restaurant openings you have nothing to say because they ally with your leftwing vision, usually run by politically correct chefs and backers. This one you put in your snarky asides. Fine, you have the right to do that but we, aka YOUR READERS have the right to call you out on it. It works both ways.

    Maybe you’ve missed that this paper now has 4 food columnists at this time? I am a foodie, I”m a righty as you know, and we’ve clashed many times. Stop overmoderating. Let the chips fall where they may (yes I know I’m repeating myself here).

    Now to my comments about Hooters. I went to their SF location. Funnily enough, the firefighters would go into the Fish. Wharf location a lot and so would a number of transgenders. I think they even had transgender waitresses (waitrons?) at that location. I did not really like their food at all and it felt really divey in location as well as fairly empty.

    Having said that I think the RP is probably a good fit. All of the other towns in the Bay Area are against chains, to their detriment. RP actually gets most of the North Bay shoppers because they have stores we want to shop at and nice big parking lots, plus you pay less sales tax in that city.

  7. Finally someone on here is thinking! Who let a feminist make threads about a place like Hooters? First off, rumormill said that the Wharf Hooters closed doors due to doubled rent. Would any of you stay where you were if you had to pay double what you are now? Didn’t think so. Also, the whole idea of a sports bar in a growing college town is awesome! Sonoma State brings in tons of kids and what do we have; Applebees? Nonsense, Hooters will do fine! Eat somewhere else if you don’t like it.

  8. You said Hummer. Bwahaha.

  9. The average Hooters customer probably can’t afford a Hummer.

  10. The wings, despite the hype, are horrific. You get a plate of flabby, whole wings–inedible tip section and all–sauced in a chalky, pale-pink paste that’s the consistency of baby-food and bears no resemblance whatsoever to the iconic version invented at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo all those years ago. On the side, you get a few limp pieces of celery and a paper mini-cup filled with your choice of either cafeteria-quality (that is, not even airline-quality), custard-thick blue cheese or Ranch dressing, either of which you could use to patch a leaky boat. Tragically, the wings are the best thing on the menu. (BTW, I know all this because, when I was stuck living in one of the flyover states, Hooters was the requisite go-to for my fantasy football league get-togethers.) As for the servers, I suggest anyone interested check out his episode of South Park: http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes/s07e14-raisins… It pretty much hits the nail on the head.

  11. Seems like there are more trolls around here than usual. Mostly because of the inane level of discourse from the brain-cell starved. I’ve heard from a number of folks that they’ve gotten jobs at the new Hooters. That’s a good thing, regardless of what you think of the place.

    And personally, I think the whole issue of exploitation is kind of 1972.

    So please keep your comments to yourself, folks, unless they are A. Clever, B. Funny or C. Relevant

  12. Why the fuss? I have been to many Hooters — St. Louis, Atlanta, San Francisco, and more. It’s a great place to go have some wings, drink some beers with friends, and watch a ballgame. Most people go for the fun “sports bar” atmosphere, not for the girls.
    Protesting is a waste of time, in my strong opinion. They are doing nothing remotely illegal, and you are only preventing someone from trying to run a legitimate business and supply jobs. There are much better things to protest, don’t you think?
    And please, please, please… if you must protest, try this first — (1) go to a normal sports bar, how about Ausiello’s in Santa Rosa? then (2) go to a Hooters. If you still think protesting is a valuable way to spend your time and efforts, then have at it. But I promise you, the place is harmless.

  13. My daughter just got a job as a hooters girl, I am proud of her and she is going to be wearing more in the hooters outfit than she wore when she was on the cheerleading squad… Shes trading her high kicks for a hoola-hoop! When we used to drive through Sacramento we would stop at hooters here and there, it’s an awesome little resturant and unless you’ve BEEN there, who are you to judge? Its just a resturant… They wear nylons and high socks. While you are all camping infront i’ll be the first table. SHUT IT DOWN.

  14. Haters gonna hate…..

  15. Garbage food, but that’s the “reason” to go there, just like buying Playboy for the articles…

  16. Rohnert Park dives for the bottom of the Sonoma County barrel, again.
    I guess folks with these tastes gotta live somewhere, but do they really have to flaunt it here?

    Will there be parking space for my trailer and RV? How about my buddy’s Hummers and 4x4s? My bros’ 18 wheelers?
    Are there any rules about checking guns at the door?
    Will they sell condoms in the bathrooms?

    I suppose I could upscale it and go to Cattleman’s when that arrives. Great place to finish that 19th hole.
    Wahoo!!! I hope John Angus and his friends will frequent these joints a lot, so they stay in business, and I hope he tips well, cuz those girls deserve it, after putting up with the likes of us.

    Good luck, and sayonara, RP

  17. The food is mediocre at best, the service is fast-food in quality, and most of the women aren’t really all that. I’m not sure I’ll be spending much time or money there.

  18. Hey Patty,

    Don’t get your macrame shorts in a bunch. By you trying to “inform” people, you are actually showing your true liberal stance and helping to bring Hooters to the people you eschew. Give it a rest and go stare at the sun. Hooters will benefit from your “Protest”.,
    Go stare at your navel and never cross Rohnert Park on your way back to your Ashram.

    Go and help the children of the third world, as I suffer for them, your focus is lost on the need of the people in your backyard.

    I hope your Volvo/ Saab and your dogs get back to your sweat lodge and meditate you to a higher God.

    Love You<

    Peace out…

  19. Another lib/feminist rant. If you do not like Hooters, then go eat your meal at an overpriced ,organic vegan hole in the wall joint in Sebastopol.

    Oh, and I have never been to a Hooters. And I never intend to. But everyone is entitled to dine where they want to. Wonder what you would say if I trashed one of your global warming eateries?

    Peace out…

  20. It would be discrimination if you had to have the bod and boobs to get the job…But maybe tha’s why they only get min wage

  21. Was anyone expecting fine dining in RP? I see lines on weekend to get into the Olive Pit…I mean Garden. Hooters and Cattlemens are a perfect fit for this YaHoo town. More crappy jobs for some college kids who have got to be a quarter of the population of this town, now. Off to Santa Rosa for dinner…

  22. Awesome news! We are two chicks and we love Hooters. My wife and I crave their wings and dont like to have to drive to Dublin (my old stomping rounds) to go get some. I have to say, I moved up to the Northbay from Pleasanton 5 years ago and I kick myself given the lack of options (house stuck for a while now). This puts a smile on my face.
    And for all of you feeling that it is a put down to RP and the area, I have news for you. Sebastopol Rd in Santa Rosa already does that, the little town of Fulton already does that, an A section under seige most of the time, already does that.
    Yay for Hooters! You go new Hooter girls.

  23. I think a much smarter busniess move would be opening up a buffalo wild wings or something in the way of a Dave and busters. Make it a nice kid friendly restaurant with something for everyone.

  24. McDonalds has better food than Hooters! I’ve been to a few of them (Louisville, KY to Tempe, AZ) and the food is the same at every location and it’s overpriced. What your paying for is simply good marketing. If you are worried about the outfits…..you can see more by randomly searching on google.

  25. That was a hilarious post, “rain buffalo wing sauce…” I’ll be at Hooters with ya and I have hooters! Not only do I not care if my husband decides to eat there I hope he takes me alon! Let’s support some commerce here people!


  26. Live and Let Live! People on here are acting like they approved a Whorehouse in RP! It’s just wings..relax! You no like……you no go!! lol…
    It’s 2012 and lets be real..this wholesome image that certain people feel the need to Protect DOES NOT EXIST! Never has………..Sex sells….look around smell the coffee…get over it!

  27. After reading the comments made by the women on here who are against this place, I have been able to summarize their responses in a few simple words which would be “Waaaaah waaaah waaaaah.” If you don’t like it, DON’T GO! If you have never been to a Hooters, then you have no place to talk bad about it. As mentioned earlier, the food is mediocre, the Beer is cold, and the girls are cute! It’s not like they are walking around in a thong and lacey bra. No, in fact, they have SHIRTS on and SHORTS. I swear, if I see protestors whining in front of Hooters on opening day, you better bring a poncho because i’ll make it rain buffalo wing sauce and beer all over you annoying people. I am willing to bet that the reason most of you women are protesting is because A) You’re insecure B) You’re jealous of the girls working there and C) You’re too worried about your Husband going to grab some Wings and a nice cold Beer with their friends. People go to Hooters for the atmosphere, not because they want to go cheat on their wives. It’s not a Bunny Ranch, ladies.

    Now, excuse me while I take some time to go see some hot SSU girls at Hooters.


  28. Patty, I am not sure if you have ever been to a Hooters, if you have not then let me tell you that it is not even close to your description. I have been to several from Nashville to Anaheim and SF and I can tell you it is a restaurant with mediocre food and cold beer. Now, do the waitresses wear skimpy outfits? Yes. But they are not nearly as racy as you would assume. The models that they show in the pictures look one helluva lot better than most of the employees. Your description of what will be taking place there is ridiculous to say the least. If you are married and you are worried that your husband is going to go there looking for anything more than a cold beer and some hot wings while watching a ball game you have bigger problems. Maybe if you would accompany your husband there you would see what is going on. If you spent the same time and energy with your husband as you claim you will on protesting a legitimate business then you might not have the concerns that you have voiced here. I for one will go with and without my wife and will gladly step over your sleeping bag to enjoy some food and beer!

  29. To all the women who have feelings of inadequacy and jealous or shady relationships, mind your own
    business, shut up, and don’t go there.

  30. Wow – the response! Really, do we need this kind of establishment in our family friendly R.P.? Maybe it’s for the college students.

  31. I will be protesting as well. It sickens me that this is coming to Rohnert Park. It actually disgusts me that places like this exist. How long are women going to be objectified in our culture? Why do we put up with it? I find it just heart breaking that Hooters is coming.

  32. All we need here is this trash- it’s disgusting. I I have a big NO GO for Hooters and will be organizing a protest- even if people have to sleep outside and hold up signs. What is wrong with the people? Don’t you believe in the stability of a community anymore???
    I live in Rohnert Park, and don’t want to see this sh*t- and what it was it is.
    Don’t people have a clue about a sense of morality anymore?
    Come on people- hold a stand against this one. Do you want your children walking by and wondering what is going on in there?.Hooters is a place of big breasted women, men drinking to execess, and alot of f***king. Do you want your husband to drop by a place like this after a hard day at work? Think about it- because if this goes through, this WILL happen -guaranteed.

  33. super lame

  34. Good point, Renee

  35. Yes I know it is a lame place , but nobody is getting hurt and white trash need their place too. Look on the bright side , now they will not frequent YOUR favorite little cute cafe. Also what is wrong with low paying jobs? TIP them if you have a problem with minimum wage.

  36. Maybe Don was trying to reference your Hookers House Bourbon item?

  37. Once again RP wins as the white trash bastion of the bay area. Laughable!

    Personally, I prefer dining sans an obligatory side dish of exploitation. Besides, if i wanted a cute server I’d probably head over to Simply Vietnam. Could those girls be any cuter or nicer? And the food is excellent for a decent price, and you can also SUPPORT A LOCAL BUSINESS.

    Hooray for Hooters becoming scarce… or scare for that matter.

  38. Wow…..Hooters got approved to open there? Gee…how many possible employment opportunities are going to flow outa that place?BUT the Graton Tribe that wants to have a gaming facility and hotel placed in this town, that will most definately provide many jobs has to fight tooth & nail just to get a positive wink. How many dirty old men are sitting on the city council…that has to be the reason for HOOTER approval so easily!! Ridiculous…I’m just sayin : )

  39. Seems like anachronism. But not in a good way like Playboy clubs. In a sort of spray tan polyester NASCAR way. I think it makes us look like a bunch of cheesy backwater hicks that the demographic research suggests Sonoma county could support a place like this. I am all for gratuitous displays of flesh for both genders. But this doesn’t do a damn thing for me.

    I will however be happy to go try the hotwings and give a full report on the carnage

  40. So what’s YOUR take on Hooters, Ms. Bite Club. Don’t offend the advertisers, though.

  41. ad says they’re looking for ‘hardworking individuals’—-but doesn’t specify gender. And they’re NOT looking for “individuals,'” they’re looking for “pairs.”

  42. Uncreative, Don. Don’t those racks inspire something better in you? And by racks, I mean ribs of course.

  43. Change the name to Hookers, and allow the ladies to make a bit more money on the side.

  44. Yeah but not all have the odor of “Silly cone”

  45. Ooooh! I’ve always wanted to try their wings- seriously! Ladies- if you’re going to apply, remember: the tips better be DANG good for it to be worth it because this is likely not something you’ll want on your resume.

  46. Cattlemens? YAY!! Now THAT is newsworthy!

  47. Wait, I thought we were already saturated with low-grade chain restaurants? Oh yeah, this isn’t about the food. I give them a year. *Yawn*

  48. Oh boy! Minimum wage jobs, no benefits…Oh boy!

  49. No wonder people say Rohnert Park is the arm pit of Sonoma County.
    It certainly doesn’t keep abreast of the times. (pun intended).
    Did they not take note that ABC”s The Playboy Club failed miserably?

  50. “elsewhere Hooters are becoming scare” Press Democrat – your spelling errors crack me up every day. : )

  51. More importantly, Cattlemen’s is coming! Have not seen this in Bite Club but Cattlemen’s is taking over the old Latitude location in RP. Way more exciting than Hooters.

  52. back to the future in r.p.

  53. Um, I’m partially employed, started a part-time retail job two weeks ago after being out of work since being laid off in July, but, alas, I don’t have the bod required to be a Hooters waitress, darn it!

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