Jaded Toad opens

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Sooie! The former Mamma Pig’s barbecue in Windsor is once again smoking as the Jaded Toad opens for business June 7, 2012.

On the menu are baby back ribs, barbecued chicken, sliders, cornbread, steamed clams, salmon, and pan-fried frog legs according to owner Leo Tocchini. The culinary school grad and Tony Roma’s alum will be manning the grill daily, after giving up his gig as director of concessions for Santa Rosa Entertainment Group, a chain of movie theaters owned by his family.

Locals say the vibe is “cautiously optimistic” as the restaurant starts service. Mamma Pigs closed just months after opening when opening chef and former Mirepoix chef Matthew Bousquet and his wife left suddenly, also closing their cafe, Bistro M.

Jaded Toad: 275 Windsor River Rd, Windsor, (707) 838-8336.  http://www.facebook.com/JadedToad

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  1. Went there once and had a very poor experience. They didn’t have the posted Fish and Chips. They didn’t have the beef kebobs (after we had ordered and were waiting they told us). i ordered corn on the cob and they delivered corn bread telling me they were out of corn on the cob. This was at 6:15pm on a Friday night. They comped my meal, which was nice, but I still won’t go back. Food was ok, but they just didn’t have their act together.

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  2. Went there today and it was mediocre at best. Probably won’t last until next summer. I’m not convinced they actually make anything themselves. The place was clean and people were friendly. Menu is limited and the place smells like…nothing. Really, nothing. No smell of BBQ or baked beans or anything. Pulled pork sliders should have said “mechanically separated pork sliders”. Not much to the orange sloppy joe lookin’ tastin sauce. I’d bet lunch it’s a Sysco product as was the cole slaw and the Orida style french fries.

    This location is screaming for a successful restaurant. My advice to the owners is to step up the quality dramatically or go ahead and cut your loses now.

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  3. We have been hoping something would open back up at that location. We stopped by Sunday evening (yesterday) and there was only two other people eating inside so no wait to order. I was really hoping this would be a hit and last but I think most people got it right with their comments. The food was a little over priced but I understand they are trying to survive. The ribs were good but nothing I would have to come back for. The corn bread was like yellow cake. The beans were way too sweet. The stuff on the corn on the cob was not tasty at all. My wife asked what the salad was and they said it was arugula with tomatoes and a balsamic dressing. She said the dressing was horrible and not a tomato to be found. Its too bad because we live close and were hoping for something nice to get some good BBQ but there was really nothing to bring us back. Most of my friends are wanting to try it but I will have to suggest they skip it unless something changes in quality and price.

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    • Hi Steve,
      I am sorry you feel this way about the Toad. I spent a lot of time checking prices with the local BBQ spots in the Sonoma county area and rest assured I am beating all of them by 5 to 7 dollars on there prices for their ribs. per half slab. As far as the product goes I use all fresh product, the sauces are all made from scratch and I hope in the future you take the time to let me know or the owner of the establishment know how you feel, that you are unhappy. I would have love to had the opportunity to serve you, then to have you make any open remarks on here. You are very important to me and I would love the chance to serve you. My name is Leo I am the owner please come in introduce yourself and let me make the meal for you and I will buy. Bring your wife I would love the chance to make her happy. You can have the corn without the cheese and pepper.

  4. Wife & I drove up to Windsor for lunch yesterday and I had the Pork Sliders w/ coleslaw and fries. The wife had the Qtr Chicken coleslaw and corn on the cob. We both had ice tea. The service was good, but the food was “just ok” Was a little dissapointed that the menu selection was very limited too! the Sliders were tasty but there was barely any meat. The coleslaw was not sweet enough and had too much pepper. The best part of lunch was the fries!!! Very crispy and delicious! If you want corn on the cob plain, let them know in advance or you get pepper and parmesian sprinkled on it.

    One last thing…..Total cost for lunch was $25.00. Kinda steep if you ask me. Would I go again. Probably not. At least we can say we went. We give Jaded Toad 2 stars out of 5.

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    • I would have to agree with you Shane. But, I’m really hoping Leo and his staff open up the menu and offer real BBQ style food. Burgers, dogs, brisket, etc… Maybe install an outside BBQ pit so the BBQ flavor fills the air and attracts more business. I also feel Leo needs to be a little more generous with the size of the servings. Oh, one more thing. Lose the awful music you’re playing.

      Betty L.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write this Shane, As I stated in my last email if there is anything I could do to earn your business I think it would be great to have that chance. My name is Leo. I am the Owner of the Toad. Please come in and let me buy you a meal. I assure you that you wont be dissatisfied.


  5. Prices were high and portions were small, though the food was tasty. I got the clams and was a little disappointed with the portion size for the price and the fact it didn’t come with a little bread or something to sop up the yummy sauce.

    It wasn’t busy, yet we had to ask for sugar for the iced tea, silverware and honey or butter or something for the cornbread.

    No beef brisket….and we were a little disappointed the ribs were not smoked….

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  6. Went & checked them out last night- We had the Pork Slider’s & a Half Rack of Rib’s- Sides we chose were Cornbread, Slaw & Corn on the Cob- All was very tasty- Place was CLEAN and service was attentive- Leo even came out to every table just to chat- We will go back!

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  7. Strong marks for our first visit!

    My husband and I checked it out last night. I had the ribs and he had the chicken. Both were excellent! The sauce was very good and the meat cooked perfectly and was very tender. Loved the cornbread and baked beans. The staff was friendly and responsive. Nice atmosphere both inside and out. We will definitely eat there again and share our experience with friends.

    A suggestion for Leo; The corn on the cob was good and obviously fresh but it would be nice to offer a pat of butter and perhaps some Crystal hot sauce on the side for those that like their corn a little more dressed up than others do.

    We wish Leo and the Jaded Toad team much success.

    PS Loved the king sized Wet Naps for cleaning up after our meal!

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  8. I went to the Toad and found the food to be really good. The ribs were cooked and sides were equally as good. I believe Leo has what it will take to make the restaurant last. I have gone in a couple of times now and the food has been the same just good food. Good luck Leo and keep it up.

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  9. Stopped in today after seeing it on this website…………Thought the prices were kind of high but wanted to support the non-chain restaurant. While eating our food they went around to the chalk board menu and cut the prices while we watched (and commented)………no offer of a refund!!!!! Needless to say I’ll leave my tip in this post: If you’re gonna lower the prices, wait until the customer that just dropped $40 leaves before he realizes he could have waited 15 minutes and only spent $30. We won’t be kissing this Toad any time soon ;-{

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  10. Wondered where the BBQ was??????they left us sitting in 80 degree weather without offering us water while waiting for order .Waitresses were extremely confused and messed up our order. Also, expensive for mediocre food. I can do better at home. Sides were terrible. Cornbread was undercooked and mushy. Ribs were burnt. Coleslaw tasted like a packaged product. Wish the Toad well, but improvement is necessary.

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    • I appreciate the input. However I have been here all morning and have had no complaints. I am sorry you had a bad experience. If I new this I would have been sure to correct the problem. My name is Leo please next time introduce yourself and let me make things right for you. Again thank you for your business.

      Leo V Tocchini

    • How about you get back to the kitchen and fix what is going wrong instead of being on here reading what people are saying.

      That might be the problem!

    • What a lame comment, Stephen… The restaurant is only open during certain hours of the day. How can he possibly improve if (a) he doesn’t know what people are saying about the restaurant, and (b) doesn’t act on it? Keep reading, Leo… it can only help!!

    • Well said, Stacy. New restaurants need to keep current and adjust accordingly.It is hard to make everyone happy all of the time. But keeping his eyes open will help.

    • At least you ribs were cooked. Mine were cold, like they just came out of a refrigerator.

  11. I wish Leo luck in his new venture! He’s a nice local guy who is involved in and supports the community! What’s the saying from Tommy Boy, “you can get a good look at a T-bone steak by sticking your head up a bull’s ass, but I would rather take the butcher’s word on it!” Well here’s a new one for you, “I can form an opinion on a new restaurant by reading the comments of a bunch of asses, but I would rather go try it out in person and see for myself!”

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  12. Being a native to Sonoma County and living in Texas for the pat two years has allowed me to understand that there has never once been a true BBQ joint in Sonoma County, never. And Jaded Toad is no exception. Clams, salmon and frog legs? Really? Where’s the brisket? Where’s the turkey? In a real BBQ joint you order your meats by weight, you pick your sides, you grab some sauce, onions, pickles and white bread, and you sit at big long tables with jars of pickled jalapeños within reach and you have a feast. Nothing is plated. This is BBQ. Having worked at Tony Roma’s does not make you an expert. Next time someone in Sonoma County decides to open the next great BBQ restaurant, I suggest you do one thing first, your homework. Get on a plane, fly out to Texas Hil Country, and sample no less than a dozen of our world famous BBQ joints. Than and only than will you know what to open and what to offer. Sorry if I come off sounding ‘Jaded,’ but it’s the truth.

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    • Buzz kill ! Let Leo enjoy his passion ! x’

    • Sounds like someone spent some time at The Iron Works in Austin! He has a point though…. I grew in Texas and I laugh every time a new BBQ joint opens. It’s criminal to call yourself a good spot for BBQ and not serve brisket. I think people around here don’t want to invest the time in brisket. BBQ places should be more about the meat… Not the sides. Some beans and a slice of white bread to mop up the sauce is all you need. I haven’t been to Jaded Toad yet, but I will certainly give it a try. And I’m hoping for the best. And Gary, there’s a spot in Sebastopol (I think it’s called Smokehouse BBQ) by the movie theater that serves pretty good sliced brisket, unlike the fatty mess they serve at Sweet T’s. If you haven’t been, you should definitely check it out. Not true Texas BBQ, but yhey do a good job and it’s cheaper than a plane ticket!

    • Mesquite smoked brisket at Midtown Cafe 1422 4th St. Santa Rosa

    • Thanks for the tip, Bill C.! I’ll have to check it out!

    • I agree with everything you say, except… Texas AIN’T the only ‘cue in the world! Memphis, Kansas City, and the Carolinas all barbecue in their own special ways – it’s a regional cuisine. And frogs’ legs need not apply.

    • Most definitely!! I think if ANYONE is planning on opening a BBQ joint, they should check out the different areas and the different flavors. Not so sure about the frogs legs either…

  13. @ Mark. Just because parents own a business sure doesn’t = the kid’s having $.

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  14. Went tonight for dinner and was very impressed. Yes, there were first night jitters: the order system wasn’t working correctly and the waitstaff had to come out (sometimes more than once) to get orders by hand after the customers had already ordered and paid; they didn’t have notification on the website or window that they don’t have beer yet; the kitchen was slammed…

    But for all that, they delivered a quality dinner with tasty BBQ and sides and warm, friendly service (it’s always good when the owner/grillmeister comes out to check on you) that made me want to come back for more.

    The cons:
    My chicken was mostly juicy but dry in a few places
    Cornbread was $2.50 per side for 1 piece only
    No sweet tea or beer – yet

    The pros:
    BBQ sauce was super tasty
    Cornbread was crusty and flaky, with just the right amount of cornmeal graininess – YUM!
    BBQ beans were literally mouth watering good
    Slaw was nice – not to sweet, not too much mayo

    This place is my new go-to BBQ place, and I’m a very picky eater :)

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  15. Will try it this weekend. Wishing you many years of success in Windsor. We can use another really good place to eat..

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  16. @ Mark-not sure of the kids names but pretty sure most if not all work at their theaters. I used to work for a company they would use and often spoke with them. Not a fair statement.

    Living in Windsor I wish them the best of luck. Mamma Pigs was good when I went there and I hope this succeeds.

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    • You thought “Mamma Pigs was good”?

  17. I am so looking forward to enjoying a lovely meal here !
    We support folks following their dreams and this is Leos heart.
    Plus, what the hell, we love good BBQ and good food in general and I know Chef Leo can throw down in the kitchen. Haters can hate. C’est ca.
    Lovers will LOVE The Jaded Toad ! Yummy good !
    Foster Family ‘

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  18. Okay people at least let’s give it a try before we haul him up for not being good!

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  19. Rich kids and their money…

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  20. Here we go again………

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