Mirepoix expanding to Langley’s space

Friday, August 14th, 2009

So BiteClub hears that Restaurant Mirepoix will be expanding their presence on the Windsor Town Green in the next couple of months, taking over the space currently occupied by Langley’s On The Green.

Details are still emerging, but word is that they’ll be opening a casual Parisian-style bistro this fall in the Langley’s space while revamping Mirepoix into a haute-er version of itself. Langley’s remains open for now, but will close after the sale finalizes. Owners have confirmed that their Italian eatery and pizzeria, De Paoli’s is remaining open.

BiteClub’s been hearing rumors that the Chef Matthew Bousquet and his sommelier wife, Bryan, have been looking around for a spot to open a second restaurant for a while now — allowing Matthew to get back to his roots in classic French cuisine rather than the simplified bistro menu they adopted several years ago (allowing them to take time off to get married and start their family.)

Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. I’m not into slamming restaurants–it took me a week before I finally decided to write this. Last Thursday five of us went to Mirepoix for dinner. I ordered the prix fixe dinner and the server delivered an entree that had to embarrass her. On a large plate sat a sliver of salmon, one-half inch wide, one-half inch high, and two inches long! A couple of cooked spinach leaves sat next to it, and an eggplant puree next to that. Ninety-five percent of the plate had nothing on it! Believe me, I have not exaggerated the dimensions of that piece of salmon. That was the tiniest entree I have ever been presented in a restaurant anywhere (and I’m pretty widely traveled). It would not have been appropriate even as an appetizer. I said nothing; my companions were aghast (their entrees portions were normal-sized). But I won’t be returning to Mirepoix. Any restaurant that has the nerve to serve a mini-bite as an entree won’t be getting my trade.

  2. Agreed, Joe.

  3. What’s over-priced is paying anything for that crap.

  4. I’m sure everyone knows by now but…in the Windsor Times it reports that Mirepoix is opening a Bistro(6-8 weeks called Bistro M) in the Langley’s space for lunch and dinner and Mirepoix will keep their little place for upscale dinners only. Langely will stay in the pizza business.

  5. Personally, I’ve never liked Langley’s except for the cocktails. The food has been overpriced and bland. But….I DO like their other restaurant if only one thing, improve the service! Also, will they now be able to have a full bar instead of beer and wine? My kids adore making their own pizzas and you can’t beat kids eat free Tues and Thurs! Can’t wait to see the improvements now that this will be the only focus.

  6. I love Mireoix, it will be nice to sit at a table that is not over crowded! Sorry to see Langley’s go, but really, their prices were way too expensive! Good luck to all!

  7. food used to be really good. New chef, food went downhill fast, small portion did not help either.

  8. It would nice to see a Outback or Cattlemens etc instead of another overpriced yuppie type place.

  9. While Fred and his family were hardworking and earnest, perhaps it was because food was, well, just not very good, high priced, and a little overwrought for the area. We certainly wish them well.

  10. While Fred and his family were hardworking and earnest, perhaps it was because food was, well, just not very good, high priced, and a little overwrought for the area. We certainly wish them well.

  11. why is langley’s closing? financial issues or some other reason?

  12. Forget the Pizza place – I STILL miss Mangiamo’s!

  13. Is Langley’s just keeping their Italian Place or ?? This is surprising news!

  14. This is fantastic news! Can’t wait to see what the new space looks like. Bravo Matthew and Bryan!

  15. So what’s happening to Langleys?

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