Ozzie’s Grill Reopens

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

You know you’re in the presence of an epic burger when your hungry teenager gives up in defeat halfway through. Clue two: You can’t open your mouth wide enough to stuff in the double-patty behemoth before you.

Some call it parental bonding. We call it family power-scarfing. Either way, the burgers are better than ever at the newly re-opened Ozzie’s Grill (799 Montecito Center, Santa Rosa, 538-07775).

The thirty-year old neighborhood grill closed in November, changing hands to two former fans, Scott Diaz and Andrew Simontacchi in January. After a interior rehab (it also looks and smells better than ever), they’ve brought back the old-school vibe and improved on the menu.

Best bet: The Ozzie’s Ultimate Burger ($10.75) that’s a kitchen sink of a meal with two patties, bacon, pepper jack and cheddar cheeses, jalapenos, avocado and onions. All on a sesame seed bun.

We call fail, however, at the crumbly buns that all but dissolve at the prospect of holding together so much meaty goodness. A two-napkin burger becomes a five-napkin lap-hazard.

Less hearty appetites can go for smaller versions with everything from mushrooms to ortega chilis. Also on the menu are seven hot dogs variations (chili cheese, bacon, corn), along with fish and chips, and classic sandwiches like the Rueben, chicken club, tuna melt and BLT. Crinkle fries — long an Ozzie’s staple — harken back to fond lunchroom memories. A chocolate malt, made with real ice cream, is big enough to share with your steady. Or your kid. Either way.

What’s old is new again at Ozzies. Just bring a few extra napkins, a hearty appetite and a few teenagers to eat your leftovers.

Ozzie’s Grill, 799 Montecito Center, Santa Rosa, 538-0775.

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  1. I agree! Better than ever!!!!!!

  2. i had lunch at ozzie’s today. really delicious burgers. i ordered mine with a side of green salad and the plate was generously presented. fresh, clean surroundings, affordable and quality meals and friendly staff. i will definitely be a regular customer. welcome to the neighborhood.

  3. Stopped by because it’s in my neighborhood and I had eaten at the old Ozzie’s. The new version is so much better. Real honest burgers. I was pleasantly surprised. The fries were ok, but could use some work. How about some big meaty steak fries guys!?

  4. I went there this Sunday. Nice people working the counter and grill. The prices are a little deceiving at first, looking pretty high until you realize that the burgers, etc. come with a side of fries, onion rings, or salad. So price-wise pretty reasonable. The burgers seem to be made of good quality beef, properly grilled. I had a patty-melt, which sadly was a bit soggy by the time I got it home. My friends all enjoyed this spot, we will be back. I’d give them about a 7.5 to 8 out of 10, which definitely keeps them in the running as far as local burger spots go, at least in my humble opinion.

  5. Hours, please?

  6. glad they are back, missed the burgers and fries. Last week we stop by for lunch, the place looks so much better and cleaner! Next time I’m going to try the turkey burger.

  7. haha. i was trying something new. mostly because my iphone pix looked like crud.

    our hamburgers were both cooked medium well.
    I would guess you could ask for something different.

    yeah, that’s a beef i have with brody’s too. they’re always cooked too much for my taste.

  8. I will have to give them a try. I try to support local burger places whenever possible, I generally like the quality and the variety. I used to go to Brody’s frequently, but I found that no matter how I asked, I never was able to get a burger cooked medium well. Which is a problem for me, and I hate to keep asking for something I can’t quite seem to get.

    Do you think Ozzie’s can handle that? I hope so, ’cause it’s just a quick few steps away from Olivers and that would be awesome.

    How do they get that interesting illustrated look to their food?

  9. Totally agree. It breaks my heart a little every time a restaurant closes. I’m glad to see Ozzie’s reopen. They’re definitely still working out some kinks with service (we ended up going on an early release day for Maria Carrillo and they were slammed) but the rehab has made it an even better place to stop for a neighborhood bite.

  10. Went to Ozzie’s the other day and realized how much I missed this place. I hope people will support it so it can remain open for years to come.

  11. It’s about time we get to read something good & positive as opposed to the everyday degrading and depressing.We used to live in Rincon Valley, and Ozzie’s was a great business for the neighborhood. I wish all the best to the new proprietors/owners, and I’m sure you’ll revitalize the customers. Really sad that Santa Rosa is witnessing the demise of some of the citys’ good businesses.

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