Report: Avatar’s Punjabi Burritos

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Quick hit on Avatar’s Punjabi Burritos…
Stopped by last week with some friends, and the biggest surprise is that the burritos were actually our least favorite thing on the menu. Daily specials are where you want to focus your attention.

Less hokey that it sounds, Avatar’s has a solid grasp on Indian cuisine, but offers up a simple “burritos” (actually Indian flatbread) with fillers like curried garbanzo beans, potatoes, saffron rice, curried vegetables, lamb, chicken, shrimp, salmon and other tasty add-ins. You can completely customize your combo, so it’s a great choice for vegetarians, gluten-free or dairy-free eaters.

Daily specials showcase the restaurant’s flair for fusion/Indian cuisine. We had an excellent salad with grilled vegetables and surprisingly excellent lamb enchiladas.

Definitely worth stopping by to check out.

131 Kentucky Str
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 765-9775

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  1. These guys have been in Sausalito for 20 years! beautiful people and beautiful food. There’s an Indian twist on everything even the cheesecake! You will love it!

  2. I disagree. I love the burritos. I also love the chai which I hear they grind fresh spices daily! Plus, they kept the old Aram’s staff around, which is cool. I’m sure going to miss my schwarmas and their garlic sauce hangover, but I think this is a great addition to the downtown Petaluma restaurant scene. Now, if they only stayed open for the after bar crowd…

    Heather, can you do a column on after-bar eats?

  3. I checked them out for lunch last week – I’m yer gluten free customer, so I heard they’re welcoming and had to give it a go. Good food, good sevice and the same friendly Aram’s atmosphere. I agree about the burritos, though – the specials and the rice plates are where it’s at 😉

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