Rosso Petaluma

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

The new outpost of Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar opens Monday, May 14, 2012 in Petaluma’s Theater District.

Think again if you’re expecting a carbon copy of the Santa Rosa restaurant. It’s more like an evolution, said co-owner Kevin Cronin.  The 25-item menu includes some familiar favorites (calamari fritti, housemade burrata, margherita pizza) but ventures into new territory with a dedicated latteria (a cheese bar) featuring Ramini buffalo mozzarella, braised leeks with burrata and stretched-to-order mozzarella. “In Petaluma, we’re reflecting the focus on cheese and dairy,” said Cronin.

Also added to the menu are dishes including tripe, Italian Surf and Turf (roasted pork belly with Drake’s Bay crispy oysters), a Clam Pie with Manila clams, a smoked brick chicken pizza and a piadini (flatbread) Po Boy with oysters, remoulade, romaine, shaved fennel and bacon vinaigrette.

Gluten-free pizzas are available. Because no one should have to miss out on this opening. 25+ wines by the glass, plus beer. No dessert, cause they don’t do that.

Rosso Pizzeria Petaluma, 151 Petaluma Blvd S., Petaluma

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  1. We have become regulars now at both Santa Rosa and Petaluma. Both are awesome. We recently had a killer burrata on polenta at the Petaluma Rosso with the most amazing mushrooms on top. I could eat that for an entree….more more MORE!

  2. Hi Margie

    thanks for letting us know. This is not standard practice.

  3. I hope in the new restaurant have an appropriate area where they can wash the pigs (I don’t mean the owners) that they roast, I’ll be very disappointed if they continue to use either the mop sink or not wash the pig at all.

  4. Heather, I love your quick witt and your fun colum…I am a fan….(lol french fries and all)!

  5. Tres Hombres is still there are far as i know. They are right next door.

    I have a number of petaluma favorites, but don’t get to petaluma as often as i should. Cucina Paradiso is amazing, of course. Central Market is an institution. I like the walk up spot near the theater district…Walnut Park Grill. There are too many to name!

  6. Good comeback Heather. The Fool comments multiple times and then says WHO CARES ABOUT ROSSOS.
    Yes this is good news for Petaluma and we’ll drive 15 minutes south to check it out. Or eat at Cucino Paradiso if the wait is too long…or Central Market, or outdoors at Grissini’s… Lots of pretty good options. Do you have a fave restaurant in Petaluma Heather? also, wondering if they took over the space that was once TRES HOMBRES? Or are they just in that complex? Thanks!

  7. This is exactly what keeps me coming here. Fun Stuff !! :)

  8. I love Rosso’s in Santa Rosa but was there a week ago and the waitress didn’t wash her hands after dumping the garbage in the bathroom. I followed her out thinking she might use a sink in the back, but she grabbed the ice scoop and went right back to work. I hope the management sees this and educates the staff that they must wash their hands every time they enter the bathroom.

  9. First off, it’s Rubinesque dimwit.
    Secondly, uh, apparently you care a lot since you’ve come back twice to tell everyone you don’t care.
    Thirdly, anyone who calls themselves Pizza Pro isn’t.

    Please go back to your minimum wage job. And yes, I’ll take fries with that.

  10. Hey, Red headed chunky one, leave my comments up. They are not obscene.


  11. Fantastic for Petaluma! Just one more reason why it is worthy of drive for the great food options and the art galleries. We love going downtown there, something that Santa Rosa unfortunately lacks.

  12. We LOVE Rosso Pizzeria in Santa Rosa! We wish you the very best in Petaluma. Clam Pizza? LOVE that!!!

  13. Awesome food in SR. Lucky Petaluma!

  14. Finally! Whoo hoo!

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