Shed in the works

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Cyrus is about to get a new neighbor.

The owners of Home Farm in Dry Creek Valley are about to break ground on SHED, a 9,700 square-foot multi-use market, cafe and event center in downtown Healdsburg. Replacing the former appliance store along Foss Creek, owners Cindy Daniel and Doug Lipton hope to curate a space for local produce, kitchen and garden tools and sustainable living.

“We’ll encourage our community of neighbors to enjoy what our regional farms offer, and we’ll explore local food crafts and revive forgotten tools and skills,” says Cindy.  “SHED will reflect and respect the day-to-day, seasonal blending of agriculture, food and wine in our community.”

SHED will include indoor and outdoor features:  observation deck over Foss Creek, al fresco and indoor dining, wood-fired oven, communal tables, quiet corners and a room for private events and public meetings. Finished with recycled steel siding, the design is inspired by historic market halls.  SHED will include green features:  natural cooling, photovoltaic cells, natural lighting, rain catchment system, recycling and composting.  The second floor will feature an event space available for workshops, meetings, performances and private parties.  The metal building currently on site (a former appliance store) will be removed and recycled, mid June 2011.
Owners hope to have the site completed by October 2012.


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  1. There’s a large public lot across the street.

  2. try walking

  3. Cincy and Doug, as always I’m very proud of you! Wish we had the Shed here.

  4. Fantastic beginning. This may create the an opportunity to do something that actually improves the local ecosystem like “de-channeling” adjacent Foss Creek all the way through Healdsburg. Water stewardship is crucial to farming. The existing concrete Foss Creek channel sends an unfortunate message to those visiting the Shed.

  5. 9000 sq ft, meeting place – where is the parking?

  6. Doug and Cindy ! Thank you for your commitment again to our community and keeping Healdsburg true to it’s roots. Congrats!

  7. Have been patiently waiting and it was well worth the wait!!!

  8. Have been patiently waiting and it is well worth the wait.

  9. Cindy and Doug,

    Congratulations! Can’t wait! I’m so excited about this personally and looks forward to supporting your efforts as well!

    Kristee Rosendahl
    Founder & CEO, Smart Gardener, Inc.

  10. Great location for a wolf coffee site!

  11. Congrats Doug & Cindy – can’t wait to come for a visit!

  12. Cindy and Doug,

    Wow! I had no idea that this would replace Solem’s. I love the building and the concept. I love how it will make Healdsburg even more special. All my good wishes for a huge success. Russ

  13. Hopefully it will “clean up easily”. Because us locals used to call this area ‘Duck Flat’ for a reason.

  14. Great to see the Solem Building put to such great use in a super location next to the farmers market and downtown. Should be a great success.

  15. Best of luck Doug & Cindy. You’ll bring new life to the street, and do Solem’s proud!

  16. we’ll come over to visit you, lot’s of succes, great initiative

  17. What an original & exciting new concept…..can’t wait for the opening! Best of all luck!!!

  18. Best wishes Cindy and Doug. The Shed will be a great complement to the Healdsburg Farmers’ Market.

  19. Beautiful! Congratulations Doug & Cindy. Can’t wait!

  20. I can hardly wait for this to open! Congratulations Cindy and Doug!

  21. Because Healdsburg rocks.

    just sayin

  22. Not to sound like a whiny sibling (to the south), but how come Healdsburg gets all the good stuff?

  23. I hope their prices will be reasonable… Now all we need to do is bring Fitch Mtn Eddies back….

  24. Looks good! It will be a welcome addition to downtown Healdsburg.

  25. Wonderful idea! Really looking forward to this opening. All the best to Doug and Cindy.

  26. Fantastic! Congrats Doug & Cindy and thank you for your commitment to our community!

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