Sweet T’s: The Return

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Sweet T's Ribs

Sweet T's Ribs

So much has been said about Sweet T’s. So much.
With a new chef installed, BiteClub recently returned to check out the lineup with high expectations.

Here’s what I can tell you: A lot of people have told me they LOVE the new menu. It seems to appeal to a broader crowd. The nachos are very popular. The ribs are very good.

Further investigation may be required.

2097 Stagecoach Rd #100, Santa Rosa, CA



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  1. First the bad news: at 5:15 on a Sunday, our food took 45 minutes to arrive – YIKES. Way too long to sit when one is hungry. Management needs to look into what is going on in the kitchen. The place was not full. Beyond their control on the lovely patio with the water feature – bees and flies! Our server offered to move us indoors once the food arrived which we did. They need to get bee/fly traps. We would prefer to sit outside as it is quieter and a nice setting.

    The good news? The food was excellent. We had a combo platter of smoked meats – love the spicy almost cumin-y BBQ sauce, hubby loved the more traditional. One plate easily served the both of us. I also added the greens (best I think I’ve had in a tangy broth) and the Cheesy Grits – even my hubby ate those! Could have been a bit more cheddar-y , but I was just happy to see them on the menu.Topped off with the Sweet Potato Bread Pudding – bliss! Nice crispiness on the outside, gooey like the best of bread puddings on the inside. I’ve like to see them use garnet yams instead for color and flavor, but then again it wouldn’t be sweet potato bread pudding would it. The food tasted like something I would cook at home but didn’t have to, and I always look for that. We will go back and just hope that the 45 minute wait time was an anomaly.

  2. We will try Sweet T’s again, but we hope that this time the food will not be over salted. My husband had the special Chicken Gumbo and I had the Beef Ribs, both very salty. I was served two huge ribs, but only one was edible because of all the fat. I ate very little of my meal, but asked to take it home, but after opening the container my cole slaw and potato salad weren’t there and I had hardly touched the salads. We ordered the fried green tomatoes that were good and the Brussels Sprouts that again were very salty. Overall, we enjoyed the great service and friendly atmosphere. We went to Sweet T’s because our friends have been telling us about how great the restaurant was. Maybe southern folks love a lot of salt on their food.

  3. If you think this is good BBQ, you should go play in traffic.

  4. A friend and I ate there a couple of weeks ago. He had the ribs and thought they were very good and I thought my brisket was juicy, fork cutting tender, and had good flavor. The fried green tomatoes were good for fried green tomatoes. The BBQ sauce was served on the side-as it should be-had nice consistency and good flavor, although it was strong enough to mask the meat taste. Service was OK, albeit somewhat chaotic when we looked around us. We’ll defiantly go back with hopes that the mixed reviews are getting more positive.

  5. I too wish them the best, but 2 times I couldn’t even finish the rubbery chicken, it can’t be that difficult. The fried green tomoatoes were the best thing we had. I wanted it to be good so bad, we went back again just to see if we went on a bad day. Totally underwhlemed.

  6. just went yesterday for lunch….. Salads were ok, and AGAIN, horrible service! It’s such a bummer that they can’t get the service piece right. Went two weeks ago as well and YES, the brussel sprouts are incredible but you can’t have a succesful restaurant on one dish. And still, the chicken was rubbery. I’ve posted before and still wish the same for this establishment, nothing but success! Please keep listening to those that post and fix the problems. I truly believe it’s better than it was but needs more repair to succeed.

  7. There were 4 of us that just went last night. For a little twist on the standard margharita…cayenn pepper. It was incredible. For appetizers we ordered the brussel sprouts (amazing), fried green tomatoes (totally yummy) deviled eggs and boiled peanuts. In the future we all agreed no more boiled peanuts. My husband requested his hamburger very rare and it was! He’s always so happy when the chef actually knows how to do that. I had the fried chicken but I dove into the mashed potatoes first. So delish! Finally got to the chicken. Love, love loved it. Very meaty and lots of it. Some came back home with us. Our friends had a veggie dish and a bowl of the Curry Soup. The four of us could not stop talking about the Currey soup. That also left in a” to go” container for a second meal. And we tried the pork chops. Hit it right on. Lots of good glazed sauce and it was huge! ! Dessert was the bread pudding and not one little crumb was left. We will definitely go back. Thrilled that this place is here!

  8. We went there first time on Monday for Lunch. Hope there will do better then 5 customers.
    I had the fried chicken, cooked to perfection, yummy, just like it should be. Cole slaw was great and my partner had the 1/2 Burger, cooked the way he liked it. For 5 cutomers there where 7 employees.
    Woof, glad I do not have such payroll waist. Service was very nice, friendly. Lunch does take some time, so if you wont to be in and out back to work, not the place for it.
    It is super clean and everyone was super friendly. We will be back for more testing

  9. We went the other night and I was disappointed. I had the fried chicken and it was just OK, actually it was cooked a little hard. My hubby had the ribs, they were good… very meaty, almost seemed like they needed a little fat to make them succculent. The creamed corn was yummy, best thing about the meal. Our friends had shrimp and grits but it was covered with “broth” which I had never seen before. All in all I could see the broad appeal as it is a very nice space with HUGE portions. (We ate it again for dinner the next night.) But I don’t think we’ll be back.

  10. Meh… at best. 3 people for lunch, nothing made us say yum. Just a bunch of…… meh, it’s alright.

  11. I’m down to try it but the pictures you posted really don’t seem too appealing…You said “spinach” but are they really greens? And the mac & cheese looks dry. Again, just a perspective from the pics. But if the average price is $15 for somethin’ I’d rather trek to a place in the city and get good soul food/bbq.

  12. I don’t like to be a contrarian but the food is not good.
    I had ribs at one of the farmers markets that were waaaaaaaaaaaay better

    Just because you are from the south doesn’t make you a southern cook

  13. They’re Southern nachos though

  14. I’ll cut off a finger if it will magically get people to stop demanding “broader” menus that include things like “nachos”. Seriously

  15. I’m telling you. Lots of fans say the same. So I’m going with consensus on this one

  16. Definitely my favorite SR restaurant at the moment. Every time I go there I can’t WAIT to go back. Hope they get the business they deserve and get to stick around for a long time.

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