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Trentino Terrine Recipe

Lettuce, cheese and eggs make this simple terrine a winner

Kitchen Sink Strata | Recipe

Get Your Sh!t Together Breakfast

Torta Patatas (Tater’s Pancake) | Recipe

Loaded with eggs, these tortas are a cross between a potato pancake and an omelet, and are great warm or cold.

Pecan Caramel French Toast Recipe

A mix of butter caramel, custardy bread and crispy crusts just can’t be beat on a lazy Sunday morning.

Puff Pastry and Prosciutto Egg Cups Recipe

Simple puff pastry gets a fancy filling of farm-fresh eggs, goat cheese and prosciutto

Huevos Benedictos Recipe

This is the winning recipe for April’s Eggs & Breakfast Contest, submitted by Tyfanni Peters.

Bacon + Buttermilk Belgian Waffles Recipe

Simple recipe marries buttermilk Belgian waffles and bacon

Hawaiian Sausage, Eggs & Rice Recipe

A Hawaiian-influenced recipe that brings back memories

Cheese Blintzes with Meyer Lemon Curd Recipe

At Jeffrey’s Hillside Cafe, these are some of the most-requested breakfast and brunch dishes. Now, make them at home.