Three Squares closed

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

joshandpamThe former Syrah Bistro has closed.

Owner Josh Silvers says that they’ve had a great run at the City 205 building, but after several format changes (to upscale dining as Petite Syrah, then a casual breakfast and lunch cafe, Three Squares), it was time to close.

Silvers and his wife, Regina, have bittersweet feelings about the closure of their longtime home, but both are excited to have a little more time at home. “Don’t be sad, it is a good thing — I get my husband back,” said Regina.

Still craving Silvers’ great Sonoma County cooking? Jackson’s Bar and Oven (135 Fourth St., Santa Rosa) is still in full swing.

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  1. closing a restaurant is NOT easy…mostly because people like to say that they are sad and sorry and disappointed and it can be hard as a chef or owner to keep your relief and joy to a polite minimum LOL. I say Huzzah! to Josh and Regina and I hope they really enjoy a little more time to actually enjoy some of the comforts that they have spent so many years providing to others. But dont you dare close Jackons! I NEED your cocktail hour in my life and youre too young to retire.

  2. Lol! I understand. I have that problem too. I actually worked with Pam at two different restaurants over my career. She is a wonderful woman and a lot of fun. I’m glad you guys all got to be part of each others lives. :) Looking forward to the future!

  3. No wonder… Three Squares had horrible service, was constantly out of regular menu items. Last time I was there found a hair in my food and got food poisoning from undercooked pork sausage!

  4. Darn, there goes one of the best restaurants ever! The eggs Benedict, the unarguably best ! ! The burgers… as good as the best ! and the berry pie with buttermilk ice cream made was so good it made my head explode. Pam is legendary!

  5. Sometimes Pammie is known as wife No. 2 and she takes a better picture. Pam was our first sous chef 15 years ago. It is fitting that she help us close the restaurant she helped us open so long ago. Thank you for the clarification on the photo.
    Regina (the wife with “benefits” lol)

  6. I think it should be said that the woman in the picture is Pam, not Regina. :)

  7. Rock on Josh. We’ll be across the street at Jacksons…….

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