Traverso’s Sold?

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Food writer Michele Anna Jordan is reporting that Traverso’s Market is being sold.

The historic Italian market, which has been in the Traverson family since the 1930’s, is currently in escrow and will be sold later this fall, according to Jordan’s report. The new market will be called Fountaingrove Market and the family will no longer be involved. Jordan reports that the closure was partially in response to the economic troubles of the property’s owner, Clem Carinalli. The recent closure of Santi Restaurant was also a blow.  Though Sweet T’s, a new barbecue spot is slated to open in the former Santi space in the coming weeks, bringing new interest in the area, it didn’t come soon enough for Traverso’s.

It’s sad and unfortunate to see such a treasured institution shutter, and equally sad that the move to Fountaingrove was a death knell for both Traverso’s and Santi — two longtime Sonoma County Italian traditions.

A note from the Traverso family was recently sent to customers…

To Our Customers & Friends:

With the approach of my family’s 90th year in Santa Rosa it is with some excitement and sadness that my son Michael and I are closing Traverso’s.  A new family-oriented market is purchasing the existing assets of our store.  They will operate under a new name.  This new entity will bring new vitality and longer shopping hours to the center. 

Michael and I wish them well and extend our gratitude and appreciation for having served many generations of loyal customers.  We will miss our customers who we consider as friends and who have supported us over the many years.

George Traverso

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  1. You have never had your credit report pulled when renting a house?? I have def gave mine every time i rented a place, starting in 1996, up to 6 months ago.

    Why are you people making things up???

  2. It was a deli not Safeway!

  3. Never had to give a copy of my SS # either. They usally want to know how long you have been at your job and your monthly income, and if you have pets.

  4. Maybe you have forgotten what a really deli is like! It takes time to make up those custom made sandwiches. Traverso’s is NOT Safeway!

  5. Bahaaa, bahaaa…

  6. I live in Washington State and have been purchasing my gallons of “Burgundy Wine Vinegar” from Traverso’s for at least the 35 years since my move to this area. I buy an average of 10-20 gallons a year. Will you be able to order the same vinegar for me?

    I will miss my twice a year visits to buy salami and cheese too. I am so sorry Taverso’s is closing. I have been a customer since I was a child and lived in Santa Rosa until I was in my thirties. My father Joseph Caiazzo who passed away in the mid 60’s was a friend of the Tarverso family. Traverso’s has been a main stay for many Italian families in Santa Rosa. They have always reminded me of New York’s Deli’s where my family spent much time visiting our other family members while we were growing up. Sorry to see them go!

  7. This is begging to sound like “The Truman Show”. Nostalgia is fine to a point.
    Over idealizing belongs at Disneyland.

  8. My family and I live only a few blocks from the new Traverso’s – but we never went there. As excited as we were to have them there, after a couple visits we were frustrated by the slow service, and the very expensive food. We couldn’t take the kids there or lunch would have been over $60 for the five of us, and there weren’t enough market items for it to be a convenient place to shop.

    I’m hopeful that the new market will be more “market” less “pricey deli” because THAT would be a great addition to the neighborhood.

  9. wow do any drugs latley?

  10. I remeber going there in the 60’s with my mom…..I couldn’t wait to go there cause they always gave out free slices of salame.

  11. Are you drunk Sandra? Or just stupid?

    You think CC held a gun to Traverso’s head and made him sign that lease?

    You people are so lost

  12. Dude: it isn’t McDonalds.

  13. I guess I will have to find another place to buy a $9.00 sandwich.

  14. Brian – thanks for giving eloquent voice to the problems with these corporate chains.

  15. What are they supposed to drive? Pedi-cabs to make you feel better about yourself being a failure?

  16. BLG – You have never been asked for a copy of your SS # when renting a house?

    What do you normally give the property owner?? A copy of your Library card?

  17. Best of luck to you. It would be awesome if you can create a family business similar to what the Traverso’s created.

  18. We sure will try our best. We have a successfully running business in San Rafael whch is also a deli & liquor store. From the success of our first business we draw confidence that we can easily step into Traverso’s shoes. We are considering hiring some of the Traverso employees, if they do not have some other plans (I know a few are considering retirement). We are greatly impressed by the Traverso family’s way of doing business. And we genuinely hope that they will feel proud of us that we continued serving their customers & friends with our best efforts.

  19. That’s exactly how the Traverso family was/is, Sean, and it has always impressed me.

  20. This makes me so VERY sad. I simply cannot imagine Santa Rosa without Traverso’s. Oh, how I wish they would come to Railroad Sq and never leave Santa Rosa!!
    Thank you so very much, Traverso family. You have been such an awesome part to our town, and ever since a child (I’m old now!), I’ve always admired not only all the fantastic groceries/specialties you carried, but how you ALWAYS treat people with the utmost respect and genuine kindness, even to the variety of people from the transit mall who might have made the smallest purchases. I grew up with you, loved you, and will miss you dearly :(

  21. I knew Traverso’s was doomed when they moved up to Fountaingrove. I used to make a habit of stopping by the downtown location at least monthly. The Traverso family treated all their customers like family. I wish they had never moved. O well, the new owners have yet to realize the Fountaingrove location is a death knell.

  22. If you are the new owner, I surely hope you mean it that you will keep the same inventory. I will give your place a chance but you have incredible shoes to fill. Maybe consider keeping on some of Traverso’s staff.

  23. find it curious as to all the comments/thoughts of the sleazy, not so comfortable… Transit Mall area. I have always used Public Transit and recently have had to rely upon it and my bike a good deal more often to commute to San Francisco for much needed work. While most folks who use Public Transit may be less educated and/or sophisticated than many, they are just folks like you and I; we all face the same trials and tribulations and share the same desires for the same basic comforts and convinces.
    Many are quite nice, interesting and actually friendly if one took some time to converse with them, or even just say hello.
    Sure, there are some less than friendly, or savory folks and unfortunately (for neighboring businesses in particular) the area is more criminally inclined. When you are socially marginalized and at the bottom of the economic and social structure (also often with fewer social & coping tools) it is easy to feel slighted, hurt and want to strike back at those who even mildly oppress and ignore you whether they are responsible for your feelings, or not. I have always found that just “noticing” everyone around you and showing some respect and common courtesy in how you non verbally interact with folks avoids the vast majority of potential conflicts, or confrontation with anyone. Having a conversation with a “homeless” person (or, vagrant, hobo, hippie…) is a way of helping that person quite often because we all desire and require human contact and interaction and if we are truly lucky, some understanding and compassion, even if only for a few minutes. This is true for all of us and often why some go to Public places, just to be around other people so that we can more easily share with folks in a similar situation and perhaps of a similar mind. If you don’t quite believe this then think about all the folks in the various cities participating in the Occupy Wall Street Protests, or those who protested “back in their day”.
    I have been in a challenging place the last three years, including being severely under employed, but I don’t let it get me angry and resentful to those around me (too often anyway). I also make sure to appreciate the fact that things could be much harder for me as it is for many of the “sleazy” folks who are often at the Santa Rosa (and other municipalities) Transit Mall(s). I had a conversation with a woman on the Golden Gate Transit a few weeks ago who lost her house and was not able to get a new rental because a State clerk made a “paperwork” error that made her ineligible for the assistance she had been receiving for some time. She had to spend the better part of the day traveling across the Bay to “straighten out” a problem that many folks “think” is no big deal because it is “just a data entry error”! However, that simple “unimportant error” was serious for this woman, it was stressful, damaging to her self-esteem and taking precious time from her family and job search time. Our conversation made her smile and relax a little. It made me smile for the rest of a very long day!
    Many of us are only a paycheck, or lack of one, away from being more like “those folks” in and around the Santa Rosa Transit Mall. I am just reminding us all to think a little more and to be respectful and polite to all the folks we come into any kind of contact with, not matter how “small/slight”. Just being nice and saying hello to folks goes a loooong way and is remembered almost nearly as long as being slighted and ignored! If you don’t think what I am saying is important, or true then reread all the comments about how much we all love that the Traverso Family and their staff are so engaging, respectful and polite!

  24. As I am reading all the comments, I am feeling nervous as to how we will fill the void created by the Traverso family. We as new owners have vowed to keep the same product line and maintain the same quality standards. We genuinely wish to keep the Traverso’s customers with us and promise them that we will do our best to keep them satisfied & happy.

  25. As a recent resident to Santa Rosa, Traverso’s was one of the first discoveries that we enjoyed especially when located downtown walking distance from our home. From day one, George treated me and my 2 children with such sincere attention and courtesy rarely found in markets today.

    We’ll miss the great wine selection, the casual conversations with the Traverso family members and my daughter will definitely miss the salumi treats given to her while we shopped.

    Thanks Traverso’s, very sorry to see you leave.

  26. I have many fond memories of Traverso’s Market dating back to the late 50’s and early 60’s when I delivered the Santa rosa Press Democrat to the store every day, I even remember my route number as being 429. The Traverso family and employees were always kind and generous. Although the subscription rate was $1.75 per month they always gave me a fivwe dollar bill and told me to keep it. The employees also usually gave me a very delicious salami roll quite often. I am sure this store will be a great loss for santa Rosa though it will always remain near to my heart even though I now live in Wichita, Kansas.

  27. Just an FYI to everyone…

    When I was looking into renting a house I was having a hard time with the Rental Company and couldn’t understand why they wanted so much personal info such as a copy of our S.S. #’s. Not common or usual practice. So I decidied to find out who owned the rental company and who owned the house I was VERY interested in. It turned out the a Carnalli owned the house and probly the rental company. Not Clem but Keith. Now I know that Clem transferd alot of property he owned to other family members before he filed bankruptcy. At that point I stop persuing that home and found one that I’m very happy in.

    To all who intend on moving and renting especially through a rental agency…it’s public information at the Recorders Office and the tax Office as to who owns a home. Thye Tax Office will even provided you with phone numbres and address of the owners. So before you sign a contract to rent find out who owns’ it and if they are current on thier mortgage payments and Taxes. Make sure they haven’t been in default, that way there will be no unpleasant suprises coming your way.

  28. I had a talk with Michael recently and like me, he had a business right by the transit mall. Yes the people were sleezy and guess what….the worst part about it is that the police in town blamed the businesses. I was threanted by the police with prosecution for allowing certain people into my business and constantly harrassed by the police…yeah me…the responsible small business owner!!! I got numerous tickets by the bike cops, Lurch and his pip squeek partner Collins. They ticketed me while unloading my supplies…yeah I was the bad guy. Michael said the bike cops did the same to him. There was no respect for the business owners and no cooperation. I even had a buy give me a fake 100 bill once….called the police… guess what…they never came. Then i read a story in PressDemo about fake bills in Petaluma. Santa Rosa gave up on Western Culture long ago, hence the reason you now see the rise of corporate and hispanic culture overriding all! Welcome to the new SantaRosa.

    Traversos had to move, but there aren’t enough hippies in Sonoma county anymore that practice what they preach, meaning shopping at mom and pop shop. Hence another lost Eurpean cultured food establisment and business.

  29. Well, this really is a sad “end of an era” event, even for those of us who are relative newcomers to Santa Rosa. I will miss the store, and especially the family. I always spent some time talking to George about something when I was shopping there. It really was like visiting with family – quite the opposite of your basic supermarket experience. Everyone who worked there was really wonderful to deal with.

    People blame the move, and the owners of the center seem to be a factor. But we live in Rincon Valley, and went to Traverso’s more often after they moved from downtown. I always found parking at the downtown location a challenge. Despite there being some known parking issues in the new center (before Santi closed), it was always easier for me to find a space there. Of course, if you live closer to downtown or on the West side, the downtown store might have been slightly more convenient. But I would have thought Traverso’s was worth the drive even for those who live elsewhere. Maybe I’m just too much of a foodie to understand why four extra miles is “too much trouble” (OK, eight round trip) but I suppose it is for some folks.

    Guess I’ll be eating one of their specially seasoned $5.99 rotisserie chickens for dinner every Wednesday until they close…

  30. @biteclub You should try riding public transit sometime. Perhaps you could class it up a little more and make it less ‘skeezy.’

  31. I had the pleasure of working, for a brief time, for the Traverso family. I could not imagine nicer people. Whatever George, Michael, Fred, Claudio, Bill and the rest do, I am sure it will be done with great success. Wishing you the best as always.

  32. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about the closing of Traverso’s. Sadly, you could see the writing on the wall with the downturn in the economy and the closing of Santi brought even fewer people to the store. They had a unique offering of Italian products, deli items and wonderful assortmentt of local and international wines. I met Bill and George and their wondeful fathers almost on the first day I arrived in Sonoma County back in 1990 and have been going to both the old and new store ever since. Granted, the new store was less convenient and couldn’t make it as often. I am sorry for that. I wish Bill, George and Michael all the best in the future. Thanks for all you did for us here in Sonoma County.

  33. I was so sorry to see the sign on the front door this morning informing the community of the closure after 90 years in business, think about that 90 years as a family owned business. I know the store has been struggling for the last year as has the whole economy. You would never know it when walking in and seeing the smiling faces of Michael, George, Fred, Elena, Bill, Claudio and some of the other long time employees who were always happy to tell you whatever you wanted to know about any product in the store. You could spend 15 minutes talking about Salami, or wine or cheese or politics. The move to the hill I believe was not the first choice, I think there was a property in RR Sq. but it just didn’t pencil out. The desire to leave the old location was predicated by the proximity to the bus terminal and the foot traffic/petty theft that occured daily as a result of that location. Yes the economy tanked at the same time and that added to the hardship. It is sad to see an iconic store that has meant so much to so many for generations close. The expense of using great ingredients, hiring knowledgeable staff and paying them a living wage (union house) with vacation time, sick leave and medical is more than comendable. Think of that next time you are at TJ’s, Costco, Walmart etc. The store will be open for biz as usual in the next month of so so make a point of stopping in, thanking the family, buying some great wines, balsamic, cheese, Prosciutto, roasted chicken, well you get the idea. Thank You Traverso’s!!

  34. I love Michael. He is sophisticated has an excellent demeanor is food an wine savvy. I will wait while the Traverso’s think up their next move. I think that all of us have to be very careful where we spend our money and who we patronize. As capitalist our dollars vote for us everyday. Lets support one another. To the Traverso family, what ever you do, remember that you have many fans who will follow.

  35. I feel the same way as so many people here. I remember Traversos from when I visited Santa rosa as a teen and my Grama would get us the “fancy gourmet” foods we couldn’t get elsewhere like olive oil and fresh buffalo mozzarella. I still find that they carried a lot of great local products hard to find elsewhere. When they were downtown I would pop over to pick up sandwiches or gourme items for my column all the time. I went to the new location a couple times but it just didn’t feel right. Plus it was a major pain to go there from work. Wish they could have found a location in railroad square or closer to town. I don’t blame them for not wanting to be near that skeezy transit mall though. That place is creepy

  36. This is just so very sad. Even though I saw it coming, I didn’t want to believe it. I feel as though someone has died. Best wishes to the Traverso family.

  37. Traverso’s simply committed suicide by turning their backs on the folks who built their business and catering to the elite in Fountaingrove. Obviously a fatal decision. I thought the move from the original building on A st was the beginning of the end. It was never the same.

  38. Greedy rent gouging landlords you should be ashamed of yourself.

  39. Where will I get the stuff for our family,s annual christmas eve party?. Shopping at Traverso,s for the party was as important as the party itself. Can’t imagine Santa Rosa without them.

  40. Clem has no shame!!!! I work by his office and see him all the time, he and his son ride in with the Mercedes and Denali…..No shame in both of them!!!! Disgusting!!!!

    On another note: I knew this move would destroy this wonderful business, that has been around since I was a kid. I was truly disappointed with their move. I work downtown and it was so easy to get a quick bite to eat. I never returned when they were on the hill, never go that way. It was too out of my way and with a short lunch time, not able to even IF I wanted to go up that way. Very sad to see it go….

  41. Why, yes, indeed. Nice store, a little pricey, lacking in the essential supplies that would have made it more attractive in a neighborhood.


  43. I loved stopping at Traverso’s when it was downtown. It had all my favorite items and incredible selection of cheeses. I was definitely saddened when they announced they were moving up the hill to the land of big box houses where people only shop at those big box stores and bring everything home in those big box SUVs.
    I have met many many people who live up that hill and not a singe one of them would know Franklin’s Teleme from Cowgirl Creamery. What a loss to downtown and a huge loss to Santa Rosa.

  44. Traverso’s was your neighbor, did you know them?

  45. OMG! Clem Cranelli sure took down everyone in Sonoma County didn’t he? Shame on Clem, he most definately should be ashamed of himself. I hope he’s afraid to show his face.
    I loved that Deli. No mistaking that Deli is 100% Itialian. OMG those people must be sick over this.
    There will never be another Deli like this one. They will be truely missed for years to come.
    God Bless to them all. I wish them the best.


  46. Well I said it when Santi wanted to move there, it would be the kiss of death for Traverso’s also. The neighborhood cannot support it, did they think they would have their customers drive 15 minutes out of the way for business?
    The local residents only eat oatmeal and mush anyway. The one on the hill can’t afford to eat out anymore because they are all upsidedown on their homes also.

  47. OMG!!!

  48. It is a sad bit of news, but it happens. I truly believe that such fine “institutions” as Traverso’s are vital to our local culture and economic health, but they can’t continue to be unless we support them regularly. Even as my income decreased dramatically these last few years I still spent what I could when I could with them and other businesses like them (Treehorn Books; Positively Fourth Street, La Gare, The Flying Goat, Kirin, Mission Ace Lumber & Hardware, Imwalle’s Garden…).
    While the move to Fountain Grove might not have been the best thing they ever did, I don’t feel it was a mistake and I chatted with Micheal about this on several occasions. They were a good business and the community into which they moved was a good one for their better service and selection based business. The devil is in the details however and few probably know most of them, let alone all of them.
    Take stock in the businesses you patronize and show your support by supporting them and telling those you know and come into contact with to do the same. If you want to keep your local businesses around, support them with your dollars and not just your words. Avoid the larger chain stores. If you don’t like chain stores, then don’t go to them and encourage those around you to do the same. We need some chain stores, but only ones that are well run, friendly and that act as part of the communities they are in and not just “say” that they are!
    I will step off my soap box now and go get a glass of wine from a favorite local winery 😉

  49. It is sad to see tradition and quality fall by the wayside. As stated by other people, all the good businesses are gone. Any body remember Broiler Burger on 4th? Fountaingrove is too isolated to draw a decent volume of patrons for that type of business….Good luck Sweet T’s……….

  50. Well, NUTS!! Another wonderful Santa Rosa establishment gone! I have to agree with others though about the move to the Fountaingrove location – it just didn’t work. I used to go to the downtown store almost every day for lunch, but the new location made it impossible to go to during work, and to be honest, I didn’t really care for the feel of new store…it lacked the charm (and aroma) of both the original and then the “new” downtown store. The staff was always great, super friendly and would actually take time to talk with you , not like the chain stores who don’t even know what customer service is. This must have been a heartbreaking decision for the Traverso family to make.

  51. Exactly. It’s mind boggling that an area as food-centered as Sonoma County is falling prey to the unchecked expansion of the major players in the industrial food complex — Applebees, Cheesecake Factory, BJ’s, and coming soon: Panera Bread! Yet, we can’t support a family-run, historic, healthy market serving normal-sized portions of real food by educated, caring employees.

    The corporate owned, fast-food chains that are enveloping America are also spreading diabetes, obesity, allergic conditions, heart disease, and a host of culture-killing ills. They pay minimum wages, send their profits out of state, and add nothing to the local community. Why can’t they leave just one region free of their greasy, heavy-handed control? Their greed and pillaging sickens.

    I will miss Traversos, their wonderful products, and mostly, the personal service that every staff member has brought to our family’s lives. To us, this is more than the sad loss of a wonderful, small market. It is a giant rip in the fabric of Sonoma County’s culture.

  52. “The historic Italian market, which has been in the Traverson family since the 1930′s, is currently in escrow and will be sold later this fall, according to her report.” Of course, we’ve all heard of Her Report. Suprised the Editor didn’t catch that one.

    Traverso’s- Good stuff. Too expensive. Haven’t stepped in since 1984

    I didn’t know they moved. Have past old location monthly. Haven’t been to Fountain Grove in 11 years. Why would you move from across the street from the foot traffic of the mall? Only better place in town to even have considered would be Montgomery Village.

  53. How sad! I must admit, I am one of those “used to be” customers. Before the move to Fountaingrove, I would frequent them for their delicious sandwiches, and they were the only place that I went to in Sonoma County for fresh and oh so tasty mozzarella cheese.

    The one time I made the trip up the hill to their new location I found them closed, and never took the time to go back. Too bad they moved from downtown – I never go to Fountaingrove for anything! They have been missed from the downtown scene for a while, and it’s sad they went out with a whimper like this.

    Take care Traverso familia! You will be missed.

  54. This is so depressing. I moved up to Santa Rosa from the Los Angeles area, in a town where we have a good Italian Deli. I was thrilled to find Traverso’s up here – definitely went a long way to combating home sickness. News like this on the heels of such announcements as a BJ’s going into Coddingtown, and maybe even a Cheesecake factory makes me wanna cry. Is there no way to stop this rising tide of mediocrity wiping out tradition and quality?

  55. The silliness of this argument rears its head simply by viewing the comments here. It is not Fountain Grove’s lack of support for Traverso’s, it’s the inability to draw those from other communities due to a variety of reasonable factors. I suspect Traverso’s largest revenue stream (post-move) came from Fountain Grove residents (a very fine community by the way).

    Lastly, downtown is a hub for those in all the great communities of our city to meet and enjoy. You think those in the downtown community are the only ones supporting downtown? Of course not, that argument is laughable.

    I love Fountain Grove and downtown, and Santa Rosa overall for that matter. Devisive comments do not help. Oh yeah, I forgot…you only care about downtown.

  56. Oh no, Good grief Charlie Brown! I’m having a panic attach, is the Doctor in? Traverso’s is a part of our family. My first solid food was Columbus Salami at the old place where the wood floor had that incredibly wonderful fantastic smell. Thank you all for the wonderful memories and great food.

  57. Very sad news but not unexpected. The move was unfortunate even in a good economy. I remember the original store. As a young boy, I was fascinated by all the strange cured meats hanging from the ceiling, the deli case, the warped wooden floors, and that fabulous smell that always greeted one upon entering. And always, a slice of salami offered up as a treat by the friendly staff.

  58. Well, what do you expect when it takes them 15 minutes to make a $9.00 sandwich at noontime?
    And all this while four other employees stand around in the store doing busy work.

  59. Should have stayed downtown. I think the timing of the move with the recession together with the location killed them off. Traverso’s was always about service and knowledge. I expect both will be gone now.

    Now as long as LaGare never closes …

  60. I am so sad to see them shutter. I used to eart there every day when I worked downtown. They always had specialty items I had a hard time finding other places as well. They are a long standing fixture in Santa Rosa and will be greatly missed! I wish nothing but the best for the family.

  61. Oh no! I guess their new location didn’t work. I used to go there all the time when I was working in downtown. Since they move I’ve never been there, too far to go there. It might have been the same case for other loyal customers. Is it still open to at least say bye?

  62. I live in Fountaingrove. I know all of my neighbors by name – I’ve NEVER had that living in the “city”. Fountaingrove is a nice place to live, in spite of the “haters”.

  63. Lame

  64. I feel terrible. My parents grew up here but moved away as young adults. When I moved here, one of their first questions was “Is Traverso’s still there?” We always had to make a visit there when family came home for visits and I would stop in on my own when I was downtown.

    I felt bad when they moved because they chose a new location too far away for me go there anymore. I had hoped they would do well, anyway. Sometimes it’s better to live with the eclectic mix of customers you have and not gamble them away in hopes of new, richer customers somewhere else.

  65. Fountaingrove is a cultural vacuum and will never support business (outside of maids, groundskeepers, and nannies), no matter how much they pay in property taxes or how affluent they are. That’s the downsides of these “Faux communities”: No actual community.

    Stay downtown folks.

  66. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Mike, Fred, and George and the rest of the staff will be greatly missed in the world of finer beverages and foods.

  67. I am so terribly sorry to read about this. I have had the great good pleasure of working with the Traverso’s and their staff for the past several years, and they are kind, good, professional people who have worked hard for and in this community. We will suffer the loss of Traverso’s Market, and I will miss seeing their friendly faces at the market. I wish them all the very best in what their future holds…

  68. So sad to hear! Love the Traverso family! Thanks for your service to our community!

  69. This is sad news. So many memories come to mind when I think of Traverso’s of old. First of all was the smell. When I walked in I would always take a deep breath and appreciate how wonderful it smelled. I remember shopping with my Mom and picking up the salami and raviolis. The Traverso’s family are a wonderful and I hope the best for them.

  70. How did Carcassnelli’s bankrupcy affect Traverso’s? How did Santi’s situation
    affect Traverso’s?

  71. This heartbreaking. I have been a steady customer for 20 years. I depend on that store for so many goodies. Who else makes that incredible SR plum jam and all the others with the Traverso’s label?

    I hope the new owners realize what a gem they’re getting and they keep it the same as much as possible.

  72. I will miss Traverso’s greatly. I have shopped there and sold wine there for many years. The Traverso family are a great asset to our community, whether there store is downtown or in Fountaingrove. They were never in walking distance for me at either of their locations, but the trip there was well worth it for the great wine and spirits selection and the amazing deli. Aside from the amazing store, they are a great family that has been active in many efforts to enhance the quality of life in Santa Rosa. George, Bill and MIchael have made great food and wine accessible to a wide cross section of Santa Rosans and the store is a cornerstone for all those who love to eat and drink well. Family businesses sell all the time, and for them it is probably a smart decision, but for me, I am sad to see them go. Now where will I find great and cheap Italian wines to go with my guanciale?

  73. It’s a development none want to see. That said, the most recent time I tried to patronize them (had to drive out of my way a bit, actually) they were closed. So I had to go spend money somewhere else. Shame… It does appear, in retrospect, that moving to Fountaingrove was a bad idea, unfortunately.

  74. How very sad! I hope the new market has good food for sale, too. That’s what was so great about Traverso’s, they had stuff you couldn’t find anywhere else.

  75. Horrible !! What a classy family and wonderful store. So sad to see them go. Was sad to see them leave downtown in the 1st place…. never been in since. Terrible to see places of the 70’s/80’s/90’s go by the wayside, whether it’s the Rialto, Swensons, Heavenly Hamburger, Barleycorns… I’m sure there’s a much longer list than I can come up with. In any case, it’s a sad day to hear this news.

  76. I think the sky is falling.

  77. I’m so very sad to hear this. I LOVE Traverso’s. I used to go there weekly. But, I admit, I’ve only gone there twice since the move. I think like many Santa Rosans, I found it too far away to warrant the trip. Hey- there’s nothing in their old location. Maybe they could move back???

  78. Oh NO! That’s terrible. I can understand that they have been working hard for many years at this, maybe it’s time for them to rest, but an institution will be missed!

  79. i wish they would have never left town. I loved this place and it was within walking distance.

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