Willowbrook Ale House mannequin disappears

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Carrie Oaky from the Willowbrook Ale House

Carrie Oaky from the Willowbrook Ale House

Carrie Oaky has disappeared. Whether it was a prank gone too far or a very un-Christmas-like kidnapping, the outdoor mascot of Petaluma’s Willowbrook Ale House hasn’t been seen or heard from since December 17th and owner Sean Wall is beginning to worry.

Though her personality was, admittedly, a bit wooden, Oaky was best known for her three years of service as a head-swiveling advertisement for the bar’s karaoke nights. Posed on a seven-foot pedestal and painstakingly dressed up for special occasions, the refurbished dummy with a tireless smile was an impulsive Craigslist purchase that quickly became the North Petaluma Boulevard pub’s calling card.

“We had hoped it was a kidnapping, but there’s been no call. We miss her,” Wall said.  So far, there have been no leads, but Wall said she was forcibly hack-sawed from her pedestal.

“We would like to publicly advertise our hope of getting her back and possibly a reward,” said Wall. This is the second purloined Petaluma restaurant sign in recent months. The Petaluma Pie Company had its sign stolen just before opening.

“I just have a feeling some fraternity house is really well decorated right now,” Wall said, laughing. But he’s hopeful that whoever stole her, for whatever reason, will return her to her rightful perch. If you have any knowledge of Miss Carrie’s whereabouts, contact Sean at 758-4390. Or just show her the way back home in time for karaoke night.

The Willowbrook Ale House
3600 N. Petaluma Blvd., Petaluma

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  1. So sad, except that I have it from a reliable source that the literal translation of the word
    “KARAOKE” is Japanese for “Get a Life”, Any thoughts?

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  2. I think she may have taken off for greener pastures…You may want to stake out the American Idol tryouts.

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  3. I saw two manniquans on a porch on brush creek Rd that looked very similar to this one. Hmmmmmm….

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  4. As the Karaoke hostess at The Willowbrook I can’t tell you how much Carrie Oakey’s disappearance saddens me. Please bring her home and turn our songs of sorrow to songs of joy once more!

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